Why Should I Use Oil On My Skin?

I get asked all the time by customers why they should use oil on their skin.

Many customers are afraid that oil may cause blocked pores which could lead to pimples and acne.

And others believe oils should be avoided, like some fats in our diet, as they are bad for us.

I want to highlight the importance of using oils on your skin by listing a few of their benefits, below.

Oil Reduces the Amount of Water and Hydration Lost Through Your Skin

Your skin will become dry and vulnerable when it loses both water and naturally-produced oils.

If your skin isn’t kept hydrated with the use of oils, your body’s water will begin to escape more easily.

As this water escapes the soaps and cleansers that you use will be more easily absorbed into your skin and will begin to strip out your skin’s naturally-produced oils.

Gradually your skin will become more and more dry. In the case of hands, they may begin to chap. And in the case of other parts of your body, you will develop more and more wrinkles.

Oils Cleanse Your Skin

When it comes to oil “like dissolves like”.

Especially in relation to oily skin-types, you can use oil which is rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients to dissolve oils that are produced by your body but which are clogging your pores and, in cases, causing acne.

Most products designed for use on oily skin work on the premise that dirt and oil should be removed from clogged pores. But by removing the oil, this can cause a negative spiral effect.

However, the principle of “like dissolves like” or “oil dissolves oil” (known as the Dissolution Theory) can be used to dissolve oil and dirt which is lying deep inside the skin’s pores and clogging them, withdraw and remove dead skin cells, help remove bacteria from the skin, effectively remove makeup and sunscreen, and deliver anti-oxidants and nutrients to enhance the health of the skin.

Oils Have Attributes Which Are Beneficial to Healthy Skin

Quality base oils have properties which enhance the health of your skin.

Base oils that are highly emollient soothe and soften your skin while others have regenerative properties which means they aid the daily renewal of the surface of the skin and, so, slow down the aging process.

Others can be rich in essential fatty acids which maintain moisture, softness and elasticity in the skin which is particularly important for aging skin where essential fatty acids, naturally produced by the body, begin to decline.

Others still can be high in anti-oxidants which protect the skin by limiting the production of free radicals which can damage skin cells. They can calm inflammation, improve skin health and rejuvenate its appearance, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by plumping up the skin.

Exotic oils are expensive as the methods of extraction are usually very labour intensive and it takes a lot of source product to create a small amount of oil.

In particular, oils which are extracted using the C02 extraction method are the purest & gentlest botanical extracts used in skincare. Exotic oils are usually packed full of many of the beneficial properties already mentioned above in relation to base oils…and much, much more.

Essential Oils are highly concentrated botanical extracts which carry many therapeutic properties such as antiseptic properties which can help in the treatment of skin disorders, stimulating properties which can help circulation; they can help suppress muscle spasms, aid skin regeneration, fight infections, act as natural deodorants, promote healing and encourage either stimulating or relaxing feelings.

I hope I have helped you understand the importance of introducing oil into your daily skincare regime.

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