start monday with gratitude

1st reflection

Periodically, throughout this coming year, I'll invite you to sit down to reflect.

Often we're rushing through life at such a speed that we don't see just how far we've come, we don't appreciate just how much we've grown. It's only when we reflect and, also, compare our thoughts, outlook, attitude with those from earlier can we really appreciate the change that has taken place. Because change isn't something wondrous that happens overnight. It happens in small seemingly unnoticeable incremental steps.

If we don't take time to periodically reflect, we'll never appreciate just how far we've come and how much we've changed.

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one final thing...

I've asked a lot of you already.

You've had a busy New Year's weekend completing exercises (which I hope you've enjoyed) before we even arrive at our first Monday in this year-long transformative experience.

However, there's one final thing I invite (and encourage) you to do before Monday...

... and that's the click the final button below.