start monday with gratitude

it's time to celebrate

52 weeks of gratitude, 364 gratitude exercises and here you are, lovely soul. They say all good things must come to an end and whilst this year of Start Monday with Gratitude now reaches its conclusion, I do hope that your daily gratitude will continue to be part of your daily routine now and into the future so you can live the most beautiful, positive and abundant life.

It has been an absolute joy, pleasure and honour to guide you through this year. And I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed it. At times, yes, it may have been challenging. At times, yes, you may have fallen off the gratitude bandwagon. However, it's in the challenging times and the times when you may have forgotten or struggled to practice daily gratitude, that you grow and appreciate how gratitude mkaes your life more abundant.

As I sign off and leave you to enjoy daily gratitude on your own, I invite you to celebrate your achievement this year. Look back to the beginning of this year and cherish just how far you've come, how much you've changed, and how much you've grown.