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week 2

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Joy is the simplest form of gratitude

Karl Barth

video transcript

Often when someone asks you what you're grateful for, you can get tongue-tied; you want to say the right thing, something big, something impressive, and you just end up getting brain freeze.

Here's the thing, though. You can be grateful for the small things, the things that so many people take for granted; the birds chirping in the morning, the warmth and comfort of the bed in which you sleep, the cold water that runs freely from your kitchen tap anytime you wish to have a drink, the abundance and variety of food in your cupboard and fridge, the car/bus/train/bicycle that carries you to work every day, the roof over your head, the love of family and friends…

And you can show gratitude in many different ways too; you can keep a gratitude journal or a gratitude jar and fill it with written notes of what you're grateful for at the end of each day, you can enjoy a gratitude walk, taking in all the beautiful signs and sounds around you... or you can simply express joy…

When you express joy for everything you have in your life, for everything that comes into your life, you’re also expressing gratitude at the same time. For joy and the expression of joy demonstrates just how grateful you are.

Whilst a gratitude journal or jar, or a gratitude walk will remind you to express gratitude, to focus your attention on gratitude, they’re not necessary when you have joy in your heart and in your life. Because when you have joy, you also have gratitude. The two go hand-in-hand. You can’t have gratitude without joy and you can’t have joy without gratitude.

Imagine giving someone a gift, such as a birthday present. Upon opening their gift, their eyes light up, they smile, they give you a hug. In essence they express joy at the gift they have received. Do you doubt, in any way, that they’re grateful for the gift you’ve just given them? Of course not. By simply witnessing the joy in their being you can easily see and easily understand that they are grateful for the gift.

Now imagine giving someone else a gift. Upon opening the gift, they look at you and politely say “thank you” before setting the gift to one side. Are they grateful for the gift you invested time and money finding, just for them? Maybe, maybe not. It’s hard to tell, for certain, whether they’re grateful or not. The words “thank you” can imply gratitude, however, they can also simply imply politeness. You need more information, more confirmation, right?

In both scenarios the receiver of the gift did not express the words “I’m grateful” so how can you instantly tell that the person in the first scenario was grateful and, yet, you’re left wondering, perhaps even doubting, whether the person in the second scenario is grateful.

The reason is that the person in the first scenario expressed joy through their body language, through their actions, and we can intrinsically associate the emotion of joy with gratitude.

The person in the second scenario may be truly grateful for the gift. However, the words “thank you” can be confusing. They can be an expression of gratitude or an expression of politeness. Without the clear signs and expression of joy, it’s difficult to decipher whether the person in the second scenario is truly grateful.

When we express or demonstrate joy, we are also expressing our gratitude, without having to speak a single word. There is no room for doubt. We feel it and those around us can see it. Joy is, therefore, the simplest expression of gratitude there is.

daily gratitude practice

Think of a gift you received as a child, or as an adult, for which you didn’t feel particularly grateful for at the time but which, looking back, you feel grateful for now.

Express your gratitude now for that gift and for the person giving it to you.

When you receive gifts in your life, how do you generally behave?

Do you say simple “thank you” or do you express joy through every muscle in your body?

How could you improve your expression of gratitude when you receive your gift?

Looking back at a gift you received recently, practice how you would better express your gratitude now.

How often do you experience joy in your life?

How can you introduce joy into every single day of your life?

Think of one thing in your life, something that is constant in your life, that you could feel joy for everyday and then express your gratitude for it every single day.

Make it a habit and build on that one thing until you have a list of everyday things you feel grateful for.

Think of a time when you gave a gift to someone and you felt unsure if they were grateful for it, or not.

What could they have done better to express their gratitude?

Now adopt that behaviour into your own life, going forward, when you receive a gift from someone.

What’s the best gift you have ever received?

How did you feel when you received it?

Write about how you reacted, what you did or said, how you behaved.

Then register that feeling, behaviour and memory in your brain and revisit it every time you receive a gift.

The next time you receive a gift that you initially don’t like or don’t appreciate, spend a few minutes talking about the gift as if it’s the best gift in the world.

How does that change your perception of the gift?

When you’re alone, practise expressing gratitude with a grumpy attitude and then practise expressing gratitude with a feeling of joy.

Which feels most natural?

And can you truly remain grumpy when you’re being truly grateful?

and let's not forget...

This week's high vibe tune encourages you to enjoy this beautiful new day

have gratitude wherever you go...

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"Joy is the simplest form of gratitude” ~ Karl Barth





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