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week 5

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Gratitude makes sense of the past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow

Melody Beattie

video transcript

I absolutely love this quote! And one of the reasons is that gratitude replaces victimhood.

We can all play the victim when things happen that don't feel right, when things don’t go the way we want or expect them to. I know. I used to be an expert victim.

When something would go a bit pear-shaped or an outcome wasn't how I imagined it should be, I would go down the lines of "Why me?" My mind would go into a frenzy trying to comprehend how life could be so cruel, how things never worked out for me like they do everyone else, and why life had to be so challenging for me all of the time.

It was like I was falling down a very deep and very dark rabbit hole of negativity and victimhood, not being able to see through the challenge and not seeing the potential. Suddenly, it was all about me, poor me. And the further I continued to fall down the rabbit hole, the darker and heavier my thoughts would become.

Does that sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be, nor should it be.

You see, the practise of gratitude has a knack of turning the darkness of the victim cloak into the brightness of a rainbow coat that highlights the many opportunities being offered to you and the brighter perspectives being extended to you, even when things don’t initially appear to be going your way.

Because, when you practise gratitude, you look at things very differently and, in so doing, the victim cloak is removed.

Because, now, rather than being cloaked in the darkness and heaviness of "why me?" you choose to see things in a different light, in different colours and from different perspectives, and you choose to ask "what is this teaching me?", “what can I learn from this?”, “what better opportunities are waiting for me?”

Rather than condemning the opportunities that you thought life didn’t present to you, your eyes are opened to the alternative and better opportunities that life is sending your way through the lessons and challenges.

Just because things don’t go the way you wanted or expected doesn’t mean that there’s not something better to come.  Remember, we can’t always see the bigger picture in the present moment. However, when we look back after some time, the bigger and much brighter picture becomes clear.

When you express gratitude for the things that don’t seem to go right or don’t work out how you intended, just as you express gratitude for the things that flow easily and smoothly, you open yourself up to receiving something different, something better.

By clothing yourself in a rainbow coat of colours where you’re open to grow from the challenges and learn from the lessons that are sent your way, your perspective changes. You no longer fear the outcome, dread what may be to come, or worry about what may be on the horizon because you know that life’s not out to get you, life’s not some cruel game.

Rather, life’s full of opportunities which come in many forms, not all of them easy at the time.

When you can change your perspective and attitude to one of gratitude, you remove the fear and bring in peace, you can look back to the challenges of the past and see how things turned out much better than you had planned, how you grew as a result, and so, with understanding and a sense of peace (and trust), you can envision a better tomorrow.

daily gratitude practice

Go back into your younger years to a time where you felt let down or hurt by someone, when, perhaps, they didn’t do what you wanted them to do.

Have you got that memory? Just go with the first thing that pops into your head.

Now, move forward a little in time and see if you can find something positive that resulted from that experience.

Can you think of something positive or are you struggling to find anything positive?

If the former, give thanks and gratitude for that experience and the positive result that arose from it.

If the latter, give thanks and gratitude for that experience and the positive result that would have arisen from it, even though you cannot yet uncover it.

I invite you, again, to go back to a time where you felt let down by the Universe.

To a time when you might have thought (or said), “how could life be so cruel to me?” or “why do things never work out for me like they do everyone else?” or “why does life have to be so challenging for me all of the time?”

Have you got that memory? Go with whatever pops into your head but make sure it’s a different memory from the one you experienced yesterday.

Spend some time remembering that memory in as great a detail as possible.

Remember what happened, remember how you felt and try to re-experience how you felt.

When you’ve spent a few minutes re-experiencing that memory, I want you to simply say “thank you for this experience”.

How did you feel when you said, ‘thank you’?

Did you mean it?

Did it feel wrong to say it?

Did you resent having to say it?

We’re going to build on what we did yesterday.

Go back to the experience you remembered yesterday. Bring it back into the forefront of your mind. Recall what it was about and what happened to make you think (or say), something along the lines of “how could life be so cruel to me?” or “why do things never work out for me like they do everyone else?” or “why does life have to be so challenging for me all of the time?”

Now I invite you to move forward in time and find a positive that resulted from this experience.

What positive thing arose from this experience where you felt that life wasn’t supporting you, that the Universe didn’t have your back and chose to let you fall?

Something positive arises out of everything, not just the good experiences but also the challenging ones.

So, I encourage you to spend time searching for the good that arose from this experience.

I don’t want you to just assume something good arose, like you may have done in Monday’s exercise, I want you to find the good. Search for it, uncover it, find it.

And when you have, express your gratitude for that good.

Today I invite you to remember a surprising opportunity that came into your life or a result that you didn’t expect.

Often the surprises in life and the unexpected results arise out of something that went wrong or where we may have been sent down a path different to what we had planned or hoped.

When you have that surprising opportunity or unexpected result in your mind, try to trace it back to its origin to see if you can find the very source that kick-started the chain of events.

Can you uncover a moment when things seemed to go horribly wrong, or you felt life was against you?

What you planned and how your saw the path forward to be was suddenly turned upside down and you thought “why me?”?

Give thanks and gratitude for that moment when things went horribly wrong or pushed you onto a different path. If that hadn’t had happened, you wouldn’t have enjoyed the surprising opportunity or the unexpected result that you did.

Remember a time when a ‘spanner was thrown in the works’, when a challenge was thrown into your path and you felt that life was fighting against you.

Go back to the beginning of that experience and remember what outcome you wanted, before things went wrong. Take time to remember what outcome you had wanted from the situation before that obstacle was thrown onto your path.

Now go forward to what the final outcome was, after navigating your way around the obstacle that came on your path and changed the outcome you had wanted and expected.

Looking back and comparing what happened versus what you wanted to happen, how much better was the actual outcome than the one you had originally in mind?

Can you see that life wasn’t fighting against you, that life had better things in store for you?

Give gratitude for life throwing that obstacle in your path and for the outcome that was better than you had hoped.

Look back to recent times, it could be last week, it could be the last couple of weeks, to a time when you said (or felt), “Why me?”

Look back to recent times, no further back in time than a couple of weeks – I want the memory of this experience to be recent.

What happened to make you feel that way or, indeed, say “Why me?”?

What happened to you that you felt was unfair or shouldn’t have happened?

Being such a recent event, you may not yet be in a position to determine the reason this happened, what good would come as a result of what happened. And that’s your challenge today.

Today, I simply invite you to express gratitude for that “why me?” experience.

Don’t try to understand the reason it happened. Just, with faith and trust in the Universe, express your gratitude for the experience.

After all the gratitude you have practised this week, can you do this, or do you still find it challenging to trust that something good will have resulted from that experience?

Challenges don’t simply happen in our past. They happen all the time.

So, think of a challenge you’re currently going through. It can be big, or it can be small.

At the moment, you can’t comprehend why this challenge has been presented to you.

If you look ahead and imagine how things will play out as a result of this challenge, how does it look?

Usually when we try to predict how things will work out as a result of a challenge, the end result never looks as bright as it would have, had things run as smoothly as we would have liked.

I now invite you to take the outcome you perceive and imagine placing it inside a balloon.

Now release the balloon and let it float up into the sky above. In doing so, you are releasing your grip on the outcome and letting the Universe, Life take over.

As you watch the balloon fly up into the sky say, “thank you for this challenge. I trust and know that the Universe has my back, and a better outcome will arise as a result.”

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“Gratitude makes sense of the past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow” ~ Melody Beattie





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