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week 31

Welcome to Week 31, lovely soul.

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Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty

Doris Day

video transcript

How can gratitude be linked to riches?

Does it mean that when you express gratitude, you’ll attract money? Maybe, but not necessarily.

Or does it mean that those who already have money and riches express gratitude? Most likely, but not necessarily.

Gratitude will make you rich but not necessarily in the material way we associate being rich with money. The richness that gratitude attracts goes above and beyond this. When you express gratitude for everything in your life from the smallest blessing to the biggest miracle, then your eyes will be opened to just how rich and plentiful your life truly is.

So, let’s start with the small things that you probably take for granted as they’re the things that have been present all throughout your life.

For example, when you waken up in the morning express gratitude for the comfortable bed you got to sleep in, for the warmth and cosiness of the home you’ve woken up in, for being able sleep peacefully and safely, for the roof over your head that kept you dry during the night.

Express gratitude for the running water in your bathroom, for the warmth of the water in the shower, for a working indoors toilet, and for the toothbrush and toothpaste that keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Express gratitude for the fresh and clean water that runs from the tap in your kitchen, for the ability to hit the switch on your kettle and within a minute or so your water is hot, for the coffee that wakens you up in the morning and sets you up for the day, for the bounty of food in your cupboard and fridge, for your fridge which keeps your food fresh.

Express gratitude for the car, train, bus or bike that carries you to work every day, gratitude for your job which brings you money each month so you can live safely and warmly with a roof over your head, for your ability to work, for the fellow colleagues who support you, and for those who challenge you so you may grow to become a better person.

Can you see how much you can already be grateful for? How much richness you have in your life? And we probably haven’t even reached 9am!

Can you now see how gratitude is riches? The more you express gratitude for, taking nothing in your life for granted, the more you see and realise you have, and the more blessed and grateful you feel.

In contrast, when you only see lack, when you only see issues, when you can only find things to complain about, do you think you’ll feel rich? Of course not. Because your focus zooms in on everything that’s wrong, everything that’s not working for you, and with such an attitude you can only experience poverty and lack.

The richest man in the world can be the poorest man in the world when all he sees is negativity, when all he experiences is lack, when all he ‘enjoys’ is complaint. Because he does not feel grateful for anything he has and takes for granted everything he has. When you view your world through eyes like this there is very little beauty to be seen; all you can see if what’s missing and what’s lacking.

Yet the poorest man in the world can be the richest man in the world when he is grateful for every meal he gets to enjoy, every night he gets to sleep in safety, every penny in his pocket. Because he takes nothing for granted and everything with gratitude. And when you view your world with grateful eyes, you don’t focus on lack and what’s missing, you take pleasure and express gratitude for everything you have because you know that everything is a blessing.

daily gratitude practice

To move into a place of richness, let’s start this week by expressing gratitude for the small things that you probably take for granted, as they’re the things that have been present all throughout your life.

For the next 15 minutes or so, walk through your normal day thinking of all the little things that you take for granted and now take them with gratitude.

Choose an hour, it can be the first hour in the morning, the last hour before you sleep at night, or any hour in between.

Just take that hour and express gratitude for everything single small thing that you would usually take for gratitude such as the warm coffee that wakes you up, the person who created the book you’re enjoying reading before you go to sleep.

In that one hour be conscious of just how much you have to be grateful for and appreciate the wealth of blessings you can count in just one hour of your life.

Today I invite you to choose one small thing that you usually would take for granted that you now will take with gratitude. And when you express gratitude for that one thing, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, I want you to see how that one little thing impacts so many other things in your life.

For example, your comfortable bed.

Thanks to your comfortable bed, you receive a good night’s sleep, you waken up feeling refreshed in the morning, because you feel fresh, you’ll be more fun to be around and you’ll have a more positive attitude that day. And because of your more positive attitude… and so on, and so on.

Whilst it’s important to appreciate and understand that when you express gratitude for everything in your life you soon appreciate just how rich your life is, it’s also important to appreciate and understand the opposite, that being in a place, mentally and emotionally, where you complain about everything, that that will only make you feel poor.

So today, you’re going to be grumbly. You’re moan and groan (in your head – don’t push this onto anyone around you) about everything that happens in your day that you have the ‘right’ to complain about, anything that’s not perfect.

Let’s repeat the opposite of Wednesday’s exercise.

Today rather than focusing on one thing to be grateful for, I invite you to find one thing that niggles you, that annoys you.

Pick something small like a saucepan that has a loose handle that you’ve never got round to fixing.

Then see how that one, seemingly insignificant thing can have a negative impact in the rest of your day, week, life should you continue to view it from that niggly and negative perspective.

Take a niggle, something small that irritates you. It can be a creak in your bed.

Then work through how this niggle can link to and impact other things throughout your day, similar to the exercises we’ve done previously.

After you’ve done that, take that same niggle and find something positive about it. View it as a tiny blessing.

And watch how that links to other things in your how, see how that impacts your day.

Can you see what a difference it makes when you simply change your perspective about something?

Based on the exercises we’ve done this week, do you now have a better sense of just how rich your life is?

Richness isn’t all about money. Money is but a small example of richness. And when we focus on the other riches we have in our lives, what do you think will happen in relation to money? We’ll start to attract more of it into our lives.

End this week by reviewing everything you have to be grateful for, everything in your life that makes you feel rich.

Spend only 15 minutes doing this. And then look at your list.

You won’t have had time to write down everything you can think of, and purposely so. Nor, no matter how much time you were to spend on this, would you be able to think of everything in your life to be thankful for.

However, if I were to say to you that the list you’ve just compiled is the very tip of the iceberg, can you now look at your life and give thanks for just how rich you are?

and let's not forget...

This week's high vibe tune focuses on the gap when you believe richness only means wealth

have gratitude wherever you go...

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“Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.” ~ Doris Day





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