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Archangel Raziel: I am bringing you esoteric information and symbols, and helping you understand spiritual truths


Before I look at the picture on the card, itself, and highlight what stands out for me, let me first introduce you to the Archangel of this card, Archangel Raziel.

Archangel Raziel is a really wise angel. He's like a guru that you can turn to and ask to come into your life. He helps us, as it suggests on the card, to open ourselves up to our spiritual gifts. We all have the capacity to see, and to feel, and to understand things on a spiritual level. But we don't always exercise that capacity. And that's where Archangel Raziel can come in. Because he can help us open up to those gifts.

Fundamentally, at our very essence, at our core, we are all spirit. Therefore, these gifts should be a natural part of our very being. But they don't always feel natural. And that's where Archangel Raziel, if we call upon him and his gentle nature, he will step in like a beautiful wise angel, a guru, and help us open ourselves up to the gifts that are innate within us.

He will also help us elevate and raise our vibration so we can see through our 3rd eye, through our psychic abilities, that we can open our mind and understand why we are here; we can understand what the Divine wants for us during our path and during our journey here on earth. What is your mission? Archangel Raziel can help you uncover that.

He also helps us to embrace the world as it is in order for us to reach our spiritual state. Many people think if you want to walk a spiritual path and lead a spiritual life, it means getting rid of all the material things in your life and removing yourself from the world because the world is not always in a good place, which can, sometimes, bring you energy down. However, Archangel Raziel is here to help us work alongside the world in order to uncover, and in order to open up, our spiritual gifts.

The way the world is around us teaches us so much every single day. We can learn so much from our experience and existence in this world by looking around us. If there are things we feel uncomfortable with, if there are things that make us unhappy, if there are things that we see that don't feel are right, those things are challenging us, at our core, to say "spiritually we want to find another way", so that you can lead those around you on a more beautiful journey alongside yourself.

Archangel Raziel is all about opening up and expanding. He's all about bringing us awareness of our spiritual gifts and enabling us to use our gifts whether we gain that insight through opening our 3rd eye, whether we gain that insight through meditation. We all have spiritual gifts and talents. It's just many of us let them lie dormant. Archangel Raziel is here to help us exercise that muscle.

When you set out on your spiritual journey, when you choose to walk the path that you feel you are here to walk, when you want to find out what the path is that you are destined to walk, then call on Archangel Raziel. Let him be your guide on your spiritual journey. Let him support you along the way.

If I look at this card, the first thing that strikes me is this beautiful colour of purple. Purple is the colour of angelic connection. This card is coming from Archangel Raziel and he's saying "connect with me, let me be your guide". You are here, on earth, having a journey and there's a meaning behind it, there's a meaning for you walking earth at this moment in time. Archangel Raziel wants you to fulfil your destiny, to open yourself up to your spiritual path and your spiritual gifts. So connect with him.

I also notice the colour violet on his robes. Violet is the colour of transformation, spirituality, and enlightenment, which basically embodies what Archangel Raziel stands for. He is our spiritual guru. He can help us understand the laws of the universe. He can help us work out and walk our spiritual path. And, in so doing, we will become enlightened, we will become transformed.

At the top of the picture, there is a dove. Archangel Raziel is often associated with geometric shapes and symbols. The dove is a symbol of peace. Archangel Raziel is saying "I am bringing you esoteric information and symbols and helping you understand spiritual truths". The dove of peace is there; peace towards others, love for others, love for other humans, love for other animals, love for Mother Nature. He's encouraging us, when you walk your spiritual path, that part of that spiritual path naturally is a path of love because through love you raise your vibration. And when you raise your vibration, you can access the spiritual gifts that have been given to you that may be lying dormant within you. Follow a life that is filled with peace and with love.

And the final things I'm going to highlight are the geometric shapes. As I mentioned, Archangel Raziel is often associated with sacred geometric shapes and symbols. Sacred geometric shapes, basically, in their simplest form, have symbolic and sacred meaning for everything in nature and all that is around us. You can find sacred geometric shapes in everything that you look at, if you look and focus on whatever it is you may be looking at. Everything's made up of shapes. And in particular, in the centre of the picture, there's the double triangle with one triangle pointing up and the other pointing down, which is also part of the heart chakra symbol. What that is, is pointing up to the heavens and pointing down to the earth, just like our heart chakra is the bridge between our 3 higher chakras and our 3 lower chakras. Archangel Raziel is very much associated with sacred geometric shapes and symbols that bring explanation and understanding to everything in nature.

He really is the guru, the wise Archangel. He's the one who can help you and guide you along your path. He's the one who can support you as you walk your spiritual journey. He's the one that can help you expand and open up to your spiritual gifts.

He is inviting you to call on him, make that connection with him, invite him into your life so that you may see where this life is supposed to take you, you may see what your spiritual journey is. And you can do it in conjuction with the world. You don't have to sacrifice your way of life just to walk a spiritual journey. That's not what he's about. He's saying that you can do this within the world as it stands at the moment. Look at the world as it stands at the moment. How do you feel about the world? How would you like the world to change? How would you like the world to become better? That can give you insights into your spiritual path.

Archangel Raziel is here to help with our spiritual understanding. So call on him today. Meditate and invite him in. Invite him in to guide you, to help open you up, to  help expand you, to help you understand spirituality, the laws of the universe, and your own spiritual path.

Let him walk alongside you. Let him guide you.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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