standing tall with comfort

"Stop hunching over!"

"Keep your back straight"

"Stand tall"

I don't know about your experience but when I was young I used to hear these phrases more than I care to remember. And even now, when my husband is around and I'm working on my computer, I often hear "stop hunching over!"

A good upright posture is really important for our health and wellbeing. Not only does it keep our bones and joints in the correct alignment ensuring we experience the least amount of stress and pain, it also prevents our spine from becoming fixed in an abnormal position.

And, being someone who is 'vertically challenged', I love being able to stand tall as it does add a precious centimetre (or 2) to my height.

But what if the very parts of your body that you depend on to hold you up are letting you down? What if your feet are just too tired and sore? Well when your foundation isn't looked after, you can't expect the rest of you to comfortably and easily stand tall because you'll automatically change your posture to protect and ease any pain in your feet.

More often than not we tend to take our feet for granted. And, as a result, they're the one part of our body that we neglect the most.

Everyday our feet faithfully carry us from A to B and everyday they help us stand tall. Yet we tend to neglect our feet until the warm weather appears and we swap boots and shoes for scanty and sexy sandals. That usually calls for a quick makeover and, quite often, a dash to the pedicurist. But is that really the way we should be treating our faithful feet?

 Not at all.

The best way to honour the unsung heroes of our body is through a regular, weekly foot treatment. This doesn't mean you have to head out to a pedicurist every week or visit a Spa all the time, as lovely as those may be. You can also lovingly look after and care for your feet in the comfort of your own home when you choose to say "thank you" to your unsung heroes with a home foot spa once a week.

Not only will a weekly home spa foot treatment remove hard skin and ensure you can keep dancing all night long, it's so refreshingly addictive that it'll instantly become a luxuriously delicious part of your pampering routine.

All it requires are 3 short sumptuous steps: soak, exfoliate, moisturise… it really couldn’t be easier (or more enjoyable).

There's something about soaking your feet that is just so incredibly gratifying. Maybe it's because it forces you to sit still for 10 minutes and relax, or the sense of relief that comes into your feet as Epsom Salts draw out the weary tiredness and pain, or maybe it's simply the comforting sensation of warm water gently enveloping itself around your tense feet. Whatever the reason, a foot soak is right up there when it comes to taking time out for yourself and inviting, not just your feet but, your whole body to relax. A foot soak is a beautiful way to honour your feet and show yourself a bit of self-love.

A foot scrub will exfoliate your feet, helping to remove the hardened painful skin that makes you feet feel so weary. You can apply a scrub with or without having soaked them first. But soaking them for only 10 minutes will begin to soften hardened skin. Whilst a foot scrub will work if you decide not to soak your feet first, the impact is nowhere near as effective... plus you'd miss out on such a therapeutically relaxing stage of the process. So why miss out?

When you exfoliate your feet, you begin the process of removing hard, dead skin and unveiling the beautiful new skin that has been trapped underneath. At the same time you are removing one of the main contributors to sore, tired feet.

The grand finale of a home foot spa is moisturising your softened smooth feet with a foot butter: the 'icing on the cake'. It completes your foot treatment by soothing, moisturising, nourishing and hydrating your feet and leaving them tingling with delight.

After only a couple of weeks of following this pampering sole-full (literally) routine, you’ll notice a real difference in the skin on your feet. Not only that but your feet will never feel tired and sore as quickly again if they’re healthy and you'll be able to stand tall with ease and comfort. It truly is the ultimate way of giving your feet (and you) some self-love.

But don’t listen to me, I’m totally and unashamedly biased, take it from those who really know, customers like:

Nikki “…I’ve even gone a step further (ha ha!!) and tried the foot range, boy did I neglect my feet before! The first couple of times my feet sang! Now they feel great all the time, no more tired feet, quick revitalising foot butter and we are off and running again (ha ha, sorry couldn't help it)”

or Veronika “Every week I use the revitalizing foot products and every week my feet feel awesome! After a long and tiring week spent on my feet I can't wait until Friday night to treat my feet. When I get home my feet are so tired but after soaking, rubbing and creaming them they've fully recovered and I feel I could party all night.”

What will you be up to tonight? Me? I'll be giving my feet some well-deserved love.

Viv xx

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