study & learning, and kuthumi, cloak of wisdom

Learn something new everyday and, yet, appreciate that you already know what you seek

What a bright, vibrant and sun-shiny card! So much yellow, the primary colour. And also bright greens, blues and reds.

So let's pull it all together.

Now I don't know about you but I didn't exactly head off to school everyday with a smile on my face, looking forward to what I would learn that day. And, yet, this card is encouraging me to smile, thanks to its beautiful bright colours.

So before we even start to interpret the card one colour/symbol at a time, I'm getting the message that the angels are encouraging us to embrace the opportunity to learn and grow. Study courses that light you up, read books that inspire and motivate you, view your life as a multitude of practical lessons that guide you along your life's path, fulfilling your life's purpose.

The card is full-to-overflowing with the colour yellow. Such a bright vibrant colour that represents self-belief, optimism and positivity. The angels are saying "You can do this, lovely soul! You're a natural and gifted learner." They want you to feel passionate about learning. If you've been thinking of starting a course, now's the time. Don't hesitate, commit. Because as you learn, your knowledge grows and as your knowledge grows so does your self-belief, and your eyes will open to a world of positivity and optimism where you have the knowledge and the skills to follow whatever path you feel drawn to follow, to follow your dream and your passion.

In this card we see the angel holding books with bright coloured covers. Books, in themselves, symbolise (as you would expect) knowledge and learning. They can also, however, imply a need to escape reality. The first symbolism is easy to understand. If you feel drawn to learn and grow through books (or whatever means suits you), then don't hesitate. Do it now. If you feel drawn to the idea of books as being an escape from your reality, then, perhaps, you're being called to change paths. Is the path you're on lighting your soul up? If not then begin walking a new path today. Start learning new skills, reading books on a subject that lights you up. Begin your new journey today and take it one step at a time.

The colours of the books are also relevant, I feel. They're not just pretty colours. We have the colour yellow which we've already touched on, We also have bright green, light blue and striking red.

Green is the colour we associate with healing. On this card this can mean that studying and learning will bring healing to you, perhaps if you feel you're stuck in a rut and want to walk a new path. It can also imply that the books you read and the courses you take are those based around healing, whatever form that may take. Whichever interpretation resonates with you the most, is the message you are to receive.

Light blue is the colour of communication. This colour is present not only in a book cover but also in the gem on the angel's 3rd eye chakra, and in her hair-band. When you study and learn, you grow, and with that growth comes skills and knowledge. And with skills and knowledge you'll find your communication improves as, put quite simply, you know what you're talking about. I also feel there's a nod here to intuition; that when you study something that you're passionate about, something that lights you up, you begin to stimulate your 3rd eye, the seat of your intuition. You'll begin to see and understand things more clearly from an intuitive perspective. And, finally, the hair-band makes me feel grounded. I feel if the hair-band wasn't keeping the angel's hair in place, with all the knowledge she's receiving from all the books she is reading, she might become a bit flighty and 'up in her head'. Thanks to the hair-band, as the angel learns and grows, her communication will stay grounded and centred.

The final colour I want to talk about is red, the colour of the cover of the bottom book. Red is the colour of passion. And the message here is very straighforward. Study and learn about what lights you up, what you're passionate about. I feel the position of the red book is significant. It's telling me that the basis of every book you read, every course you take, should be passion. Don't waste your time reading or studying things that don't excite you, that don't light you up, just because someone told you to or you feel it's the right thing to do. Every day is a learning day so make every day count and learn about something that you love. Love and passion should be the foundation of your learning.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Prayers Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Jason Mccreadie

Kuthumi is an Ascended Master. Ascended Masters are spiritually enlightened beings who were ordinary humans in past incarnations, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations. Ascended Masters have a huge knowledge base that we can consult with. 

Master Kuthumi is instrumental in the re-emergence of Ancient Knowledge that has been lost to mankind for so long. He also endeavours to assist those who seek Higher Knowledge and instruction, encouraging all concerned to open their heart in order to express Unconditional Love to all. And he helps lightworkers go beyond the limits set by others in order to cultivate a personal connection with the divine.

Again the colour of yellow, this time with more of a golden hue, dominates this card. Not only does this signify self-belief, optimism and positivity (yellow) but it also signifies prosperity and success (gold), thanks to your cloak of wisdom. Master Kuthumi, here, is linked to the Cloak of Wisdom.

There is a subtle yet profound difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is something that is learned. Wisdom is something that is already known and remembered.

Master Kuthumi is here to let you know that you already know what you need to know, that the wisdom you need to draw upon right now is already deep within you. You are wearing a cloak of wisdom right now. You need only bring your wisdom to the surface and you can do this by calling on Master Kuthumi for his support and guidance.

Similar to Master Kuthumi when he was here in the physical plain, you may have been wandering and trying to find answers through study and the insights of others, but now you are uncovering the truth of your own soul. And your soul is leading you. All you need do now, is follow.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses

I find these two cards fascinating when combined together. At first it may seem that they contradict each other: on the one hand you're being invited to read and study about something that lights you up so you can learn and grow. On the other hand you're receiving the message that you are already wearing the cloak of wisdom and have the wisdom you need to remember, already within you.

So do these cards contradict?

No. You can look at this combined message in two different ways, whichever feels more attuned to you.

Either you are being invited to study that which lights you up and that you're passionate about so you can begin to walk along your true life path. And, in doing so, your studies will bring to the surface the wisdom you already have deep within you.

Or, you're being invited to look at studying and learning as something that is enlightening, something to be embraced. Through continuous learning you grow, you heal (or learn to heal), you shine your light by learning about what you're so passionate about, and you grow in your ability and confidence to communicate. Through study you can don the cloak of wisdom and awaken the wisdom that is within you.

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