do it for you


There are a couple of things I want to talk about on this card, as always. But there's also something that popped out and caught my eye that is quite unusual, something that rarely would happen.

Do you ever look at a word and it looks either to be spelled wrongly or it just looks different or catches your eye. You feel "Oh, there's anoth meaning behind this word." That is exactly what happened me as soon as I turned over this card today.

The word "sundress".

A sundress is a summer dress that you love to wear that keeps you cool whenever the weather's warm outside. But I also got the inkling that the word 'sundress' meant something else. It meant "dress in the sun" or "dressed by the sun". And what does that mean? Well, if you dress in the sun or are dressed by the sun... the sun brings life-force energy to everything around it, it lights us up. The sun is a representation of you shining your true self.

So, if you dress in the sun, or are dressed by the sun, you're being true to who you are, you're being authentic, you're being real. You're not adapting your personality, your beliefs, your ethics... anything like that. You're not adapting them to blend in with the crowd. You're not adapting them to be like everybody else. You're happy to be who you are, you're comfortable in your own skin, you shine your light incredibly brightly. And, as a result, you attract people to you. And that's exactly what the girl on the card is doing.

The card is "do it for you". If you can't be dressed in the sun or dressed by the sun, where you shine your own true and authentic light, you're not doing anything for you, you're doing everything for everybody else. So, this card is very much about doing it for you.

On the card there are a few things that catch my eye.

The contrast between her wearing a sundress and the landscape that she's in. It's a very cold landscape. There's no colour on the card apart from the beautiful lady on the card and her dress. The landscape feels quite cold. And the warmth is radiating from her. Again, when you do it for you, whne you do it for yourself, whne you are authentic and true to who you are at soul level, you will radiate a warmth and light. In even the coldest of places you will stand out.

The other thing that caught me are the mountains in the background. We often view mountains as insurmountable obstacles. You need technical abilitiies to climb them. It's more than just climbing a hill where you need stamina to climb the hill. For a mountain, especially mountains where there is snow, it means they're pretty high up. You need technical abilities to climb them.

Notice how she is standing in relation to the mountains, which we often see as insurmountable challenges. Most people would look towards the mountains that are ahead of them and see them standing before them and think, "they're such a huge obstacle on my path, how will I ever get over it?" And they see that mountain before they ever reach that mountain.

She;s turned her back to the mountains. She's saying, "I am me. I am amazing. I am shining my light and absolutely no mountain and no obstacle is going to stop me in my tracks. I put it behind me. I don't let those obstacles stand in my way. I don't focus on those obstacles, I place them behind me." It's not because she's pretending they're not there. But, rather, why focus on something until you get there? Why cross that bridge befoer you get to it? Why focus on those mountains and those insurmountable obstacles, as you believe them to be, before you actually reach them. Because, when you do reach them, more likely than not, there will be a path around them or through them. So why focus on something whenever it's not currently on your immediat path? Shine your light. Be who you are and let you brightness shine out.

The other thing on this card are all the little snowflakes. And what do we know about snowflakes? Well, each and every snowflake that you will ever come across is unique. And the snowflakes are re-affirming, "do it for you". Be yourself. Don't do anything for anybody else, just do it for you because you are unique. If you choose in Winter time to wear a sundress and you feel cool as a result, where others would be freezing and couldn't handle it, do it. It's how you feel good. Do it for yourself.

Don't do it for your family. Don't do it for your friends. Don't do it because you feel you have to. Don't do it for society. Do it for you because society won't necessarily do things for you so you need to look after yourself. You're #1 in your life. Friends won't always be there in your life. You will have friends that you met in early school and you still have them through your life, but whenever you consider the friends you have met along the way, friends that you have had for a long time are few and far between. Friends don't always last. Family. Yes, it's blood, it's family. But we can become estranged from our family.

The only single constant in your life is yourself. So, if you cannot do what you need to do for yourself, then you're letting yourself down, you're not letting yourself shine, you're not radiating health, you're not radiating beauty, you're not radiating purity and beautiful energy. Because, when you don't do things for yourself, whne you don't care for yourself first, when you put the opinions, feelings and beliefs of others before your own, you're dimming your light, you're not shining as brightly as you could or should.

This message is a beautiful message where it's saying "do it for yourself". Everything you need to do in life, you do it for yourself, nobody else. Because you are the one constant companion in your life. You are the #1 in your life. And the angels want your to recognise that. Because you are unique. Nobody can do what you do like you do. You are truly unique. Embrace that and celebrate that. Don't let any obstacles stand in your way, don't let anybody stand in your way. Don't let anybody dim your light. Let your light shine brightly. Be who you are, as eccentric as that may be or seem to other people, you're being true to yourself.

Be who you are. Do it, and everything, for you.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Believe In Your Own Magic Oracle Deck by Amanda Lovelace, artwork by Janaina Medeiros

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