surrendering to the journey

Release control


It's important to note, before we even start looking into this card, that surrendering is not about waving a white flag and giving up. It's, as the card itself states, about releasing control.

When we release control we acknowledge that we're not walking this path on our own but are accompanied by the Divine and all the angels. So, rather than trying to control everything which, quite honestly is out of your control, accept that the Universe has your back.

When you don't or can't surrender control, it's like you're in a tug-of-war with the Universe and Creator. Rather than surrendering and accepting that the Universe has your back and will support and care for you, you're battling on your own, forging your own path, and making life more complicated and difficult than it has to be.

This card is so full of colours and imagery. However, what stands out for me the most is the presence of purple everywhere on this card. It truly is the dominant colour.

Purple is the colour of angelic connection. Invite the Divine and the angels into your life. Trust that they will guide you, support, and care for you, providing all that you need in your life.

The symbols/elements that stand out for me include the lamp on the boat, the calmness of the water, and owl watching overhead in the tree, and the colour of the clothing on the person in the boat.

The lamp hanging from the front of the boat gives out a little light, but it doesn't light the whole journey ahead as it's light is quite dim. We don't have to see the full journey ahead of us to keep taking one step at a time, to keep moving forward. Surrendering and releasing control means that you don't always know exactly where you are going or which exact direction you're headed. When you release control and don't see the full journey ahead, you may find that your inspiration, insight, and creative juices start to flow more easily.

The journey depicted on the card is one that travels across water. Water represents your emotions. The water here is very calm and, again, we see the colour purple present. Surrendering to the journey and releasing control can be tough, emotionally. We're so used to holding onto the reins and trying to control our life so, to suddenly let go of the reigns can be challenging and can bring about emotions such as fear and panic, especially if surrendering to the Universe is a new experience for you. However, the angels are inviting us to place all our fear and worries into their hands so that, when we do so, our journey can be smoother and less bumpy.

Above, in the tree, an owl sits watching the traveler. Owls represent intuition and a freedom gained through wisdom. It's no coincidence that the owl is watching over the traveler. As the traveler surrenders to the journey and lets go of control, there's less to hold onto. This release creates a release in itself, in that it releases blocks to your intuition and wisdom. It's through surrendering and letting go that your intuition is free to flow, that the wisdom deep within you is free to rise to the surface, because you know you are being guided and you have the inner knowledge and wisdom to acknowledge that you are not alone.

I find the traveler's clothing very interesting. Underneath we can just catch a glimpse of a purple dress or petticoat. On top lies a green dress, or coat. And on top of that a maroon-coloured cloak. Purple, as we know, relates to angelic connection. Green is the colour of healing. And maroon signifies confidence, courage and ambition.

As we walk our life path and journey, when we surrender to the Divine and angels and release our own control, we experience great healing. The blocks and limiting beliefs that make up a life of control, where trust and surrender rarely exist, begin to melt away. When we surrender and trust, there is no need to carry limiting beliefs and blocks with us; we can pass these over to the Divine and the angels as they no longer serve us.

The outer maroon-coloured cloak kind of sums up the whole meaning behind this card, for me. Choosing to surrender, choosing to release control is, by far, not the easy choice. It's the choice that requires confidence in the Divine, confidence that we are divinely guided and not walking this path alone. It requires courage because giving up control is something that, to most of us, feels alien and frightening. And it requires ambition; a knowledge that when you surrender and accept that you are truly guided, you shall achieve and receive much more than when you grasp onto control and try to walk your path alone.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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