take your power back!

Archangel Raziel: use you god-given power and intention to manifest blessings into your life.


The card the angels have chosen for us today is a really powerful card!

My question for you today, lovely soul, in relation to this angel message is: where in your life have you given away your power?

It may be one area of your life, it may be many areas of your life. It may just be something that you naturally do, something you've done all your life. The angels are saying "no more". You've got to take back your power.

Have you maybe given your power away with regards your happiness? Are you so busy people-pleasing and keeping everyone else around you happy, that you've forgotten about yourself?

Have you given your power away with regards to your health? Do you turn to your doctor and expect them to heal you when, actually, you have the ability within yourself to heal yourself? Nobody can heal you, except yourself.

Have you given your power away with regards your life purpose? Our life purpose is really quite simple. It's whatever makes you happy. Are you stuck in a job that perhaps you trained for but that doesn't make you happy, doesn't fulfil you, doesn't satisfy you? But you're too scared to break away and do what you know you really love. Perhaps your family wouldn't support you leaving your job and following your heart. So have you given your power away with regards your life purpose?

What about love? Have you given your power away to somebody else in relation to love? Perhaps, again, maybe society, maybe your family wouldn't agree on your love choices for some reason. Therefore, you're not giving yourself the opportunity to love the way you truly could love.

We always will give our power away in at least one area of our life. And the angels are here today to truly invite us to look within. Be really honest with ourselves. Where are you giving your power away?

Because now is the time to say "no more! I'm taking my power back! This is my life. This is my journey on earth. Nobody else's. I'm taking my power back and I'm going to live my life the way I should be living my life."

Archangel Raziel, his name means the "secrets of God". He knows all the secrets of all the universal laws. He knows the secrets about spiritual growth. So, whenever you want to set out on your spiritual journey, whenever you want to manifest blessings into your life, if you want to play with the Law of Attraction, or whatever you wish to do to create a better life for yourself, he's the Archangel to turn to. Just invite him into your life to walk alongside you every day, to give you opportunities that you can practise manifesting, that you can have your eyes opened to where you're giving your power away. Because we are such powerful souls.

Why are we giving our power away to others? It's not their life, it's our life.

But sometimes, we think it's easier for somebody to make the decision for us even if that decision is wrong for us. We need to start making our own decisions. We need to make our own choices in life. We need to live our lives, not let somebody else tell us how to live our life. We need to start taking our power back.

What stands out for me on this card, apart from the beautiful Archangel Raziel depicted on the card and the beautiful light that is coming from him, are the positive colours of yellow and orange round his wings, and also the lovely deep, dark blue in the background.

Yellow has been coming up a lot in the cards recently. Yellow is the colour of positivity, self-belief and optimism.

You've got to believe you can do this. You've got to believe you can live your life through your own choices. You've got to believe that giving your power away is not serving you. You've got to believe that you have the wisdom and knowledge inside of yourself to take your power back. To live your life to the fullest.

And that also means to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Because everything, good and bad, that happens in your life has  been created by you. So, not only take your power back but also take your responsibility back. And do it with optimism, with confidence, with self-belief, and positivity.

You can do this!

And once you do it, from a positive point of view, you'll see how your life changes around you. You'll see how the opportunities that come to you are opportunities that you want to dive into and accept. You'll see that whenever you step forward and say "it's my body, it's my health, I will make the decisions on how we move forward".

You'll see whenever it comes to love "it's my body, it's my happiness, I will make the decisions on who I can and cannot love. I'll make decisions on who is suitable for me and who is not".

Whenever you take that power back, that's whenever the dark blue comes in, the colour of strength.

It makes you such a stronger individual because suddenly you realise that at the centre of your world, it's not everybody else, it's you. You are the centre of your world. And rightly so because whenever you look after yourself, whenever you make your own choices in life, whenever you take your power back, you can become so strong. And as a strong person, you can inspire those around you to take their power back.

When we take our power back and make choices that are right and feel right for our very soul, our very essence, those choices and decisions will have the most beautiful ripple effect.

As a single individual, taking your power back, making choices and decisions that feel right to you at soul level, won't only enhance your life, it will enhance the lives of those around you, and then it will enhance the lives of the community around you, and then it will go further and enhance the lives of the world around you.

It just takes you.

Take your power back. Become strong. Do it in a positive and optimisitc way. And have self-belief in yourself that you can make your own choices. You don't need to turn to anybody else. Because nobody knows what you want more out of life than you.

Listen to Archangel Raziel, listen to the message he is sending to you today.

It's time to say: "This is the end. This is my life. I take my power back. What I want in life I will receive because I know how to do that - by taking my power back."

Reference: This beautiful card is from Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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