the inner voice

Thank you angels for guiding me through my inner voice

We've received guidance from this card before. However, at that time, it was coupled with a second card. This time, the angels have chosen this card for guidance, on its own.

This can mean one of two things:

  • either, you didn't receive the message strongly enough the first time and it got a little lost when coupled with a second card
  • or, this card is really important for you and your life right now, take heed and read its interpretation carefully

This card is inviting us to listen to our inner voice because the angels are ready to bring you guidance and support through it. Indeed, they already are, you just may not have heard it yet.

As the picture implies, with the male angel standing very close to the woman and the woman very carefully and very purposely listening with her ear, hearing and listening to our inner voice, our intuition, does not always come easily. It's not some great booming voice that comes out of the heavens above, it is more subtle and gentle than that.


We are surrounded by noise and distraction no matter where we look, we're always in a constant state of busy-ness. And this busy-ness, these distractions tend to drown out our quiet and subtle inner voice.

You might be thinking "But why can't I receive a booming voice from the heavens telling me what to do? Surely that would catch my attention." Sure, it might catch your attention but it'll also, most likely, terrify the crap out of you. A booming voice. Really? When did you last hear someone (sane) talk about the last booming voice they heard telling them what to do next, where to go next?

Our inner voice is quiet and gentle because, to hear it, we need to focus on listening. It's the perfect way to encourage us to find some quiet time, free from distractions so we can tune into its guidance. And, paradoxically, the more quiet time we find, the louder that little inner voice becomes. So take time out to listen within. The angels and your higher self are always guiding and supporting you, but all too often their voice is drowned out by the din around us.

I love that there are so many hearts on this week's card. It's a very clever way to describe the inner voice and our intution, the voice we wish to tune into for guidance and support. Because there tend to be two voices in our head; that of our inner voice and intuition, and that of our ego mind.

When we tune into our inner voice and intuition, we're tuning into the energy of the angels, the Divine and the Universe; a positive energy filled with unconditional love. And, so, our inner voice reflects that energy of unconditional love. If the messages and guidance we receive are supportive, filled with love and with no deadline or sense of urgency, then we are tuned into our inner voice. If the messages and guidance we receive are negative, promise excess (such as excess riches), or encourage you to hurt or harm yourself or another, then that voice is the voice of the ego mind.

On the card, also, are stars. When I think of stars I think of the phrase "reach for the stars", I think of aiming higher, of a guiding light in the dark sky. We can also recognise our inner voice by what it is encouraging us to do. Is it encouraging you to reach for the stars? Is it instilling self-belief within you? Is its guidance supportive and reassuring, even if it may feel like a stretch? Then you're listening to your inner voice, the voice that is encouraging you to be the very best version of who you can be.

If, on the other hand, the voice is keeping you safe, keeping you within your comfort, instilling a fear of stepping beyond what you can see in front of you, then its your ego stepping in and speaking up loudest. Our ego is here to keep us safe but when we stay safe we can't grow and we can't become the best possible version of who we are meant to be.

This is a truly beautiful card with soft and gentle colours throughout, similar to the gentleness of our inner voice. If you have been asking for support and guidance, now's the time to listen to your inner voice because the angels and your spirit team have already been placing guidance, in many forms, along your path. You just have to open your eyes and listen for their guidance.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Prayers Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Jason Mccreadie

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