the myriam

Sacred Vision - Choose to forgive in order to heal. See the light in all. Remember that love has no boundaries.

The Myriam are said to be the angels who appeared to Mary Magdalene when she visited the tomb of Jesus, after his crucifixion and passing.

Some references to their presence refer to them in the plural, angels, whilst others refer to them in the singular, a single angel. They are deemed to be twin flames, as we can see in the picture, who come together as one, thus bringing understanding and sense to the two varying and differing references.

Their name "The Myriam" means "The Beloved".

Their appearance to Mary helped her move beyond her grief so that she could communicate and connect with Jesus again.

Similar to their presence with Mary, the Myriam can help guide us beyond our immediate grief and can heal the myriad of grievances we may experience throughout life.

Their presence here today reminds us that, through their light, we can move forward towards peace, a peace that resides naturally within our spirit and soul, beyond our human and physical limitations; a peace that radiates through us from Source, the Universe, God, the Divine... whichever name feels most comfortable to you, for we are part of Source, we are one with the Divine.

When we choose to radiate our true and pure natural light, we radiate a light that is filled with love, love for others regardless of their creed, colour, beliefs, language, appearance, love for those we share this planet with including the sentient creatures who live among us, love for ourselves. When we choose to view life from our true and pure natural light, we see the light in all that is, in everyone and everything around us; a light and love that has no limitations, no boundaries.

I find the depiction of the The Myriam in the picture, very serene and, yet, very strong as if there's a gentle determination about them. The white gowns that they are clothed in reminds us of the white light we associate with Source. Helping us move beyond our grief and grievances will help us forgive and heal, and be shrouded in the light of the Divine, a light that is one of pure and unconditional love.

In the background is a multitude of red roses. Red roses are typically associated with love, romance, passion. Think of the flower most in demand on Valentine's Day, the day attributed to expressing your love towards another. The roses, here, are telling us that we are loved beyond words. No matter what ideas man may have created, particuarly in relation to religion, where God is said to reject, condemn or simply not love us when we do wrong, we are reminded through the roses on this card, through The Myriam on this card, that you are, and always will be, loved beyond words by God, Source, the Divine... because he/she never condemned us in the first place. It was merely man's idea to instil control upon us.

When we, in turn, choose to see light in everyone and everything around us, we too can only see the love. For when we choose to see light in everyone and everything around us, we choose to view life from the same eyes of Source, the Universe, God, the Divine... eyes of pure unconditional love.

In the foreground stand three white lilies. White lilies symbolise purity and rebirth, hence why they are popular at both weddings and funerals. They represent a rejuvenation of the soul. When we choose to forgive in order to heal, when we choose to see the light in all, our soul becomes pure. We shed the heaviness of bitterness, grievances, grudges and are reborn as a lighter more soulful being.

I don't feel it's a coincidence that there are three white lilies in this picture. I feel they represent the trinity of mind, body and soul. When we see only light and love in everyone and everything around us, we heal mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The presence of this card today reminds us that we are one with God, Source, the Divine, the Universe, the energy of pure, unconditional love. Through support and guidance from The Myriam we can, again, experience that love which lives deep within our soul, we can love without boundaries.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses

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