the shekinah

Sacred Self

I feel like shouting "Girl Power!" when I see Shekinah, here, because she is a tremendously strong and influential female essence and energy. And yet, Shekinah has remained lost, forgotten for centuries because the energy that has always come to the fore has been that of masculine energy.

When we talk about God, the Universe, The Divine, Source, even though we now read and know that this entity/deity is neither female or male, most writings use the masculine "he" in their definition and reference to this essence. Feminine pronouns have rarely been used in speaking of God, the Universe, the Divine, Source, even though there are numerous references in wisdom literature to Divine Wisdom as “she” and plenty of feminine qualities to describe “her.”

The Shekinah is, in essence, the female aspect of Creator energy, that which we call God, the Universe, the Divine, Source...

She is Holy Wisdom.

In Greek her title of Holy Wisdom translates to Hagia Sophia, Sophia being an alternative name with which she is addressed.

Much of the references to Sophia in ancient texts has been forgotten, due to, as I mentioned above, our habit of giving precedence to masculine energy. However, she is acknowledged in the scared teachings of Judaism and in the Gnostic gospels.

Her role is one of strength and power from a feminine perspective. When she is present it is to bring about equality and help the world move forward from a male-only image of God, the Universe, the Divine, Source.

In doing so she reminds us that the Creator is all-loving and all-accepting and does not have a preference to either gender, rather treats all equally and with unconditional love.

When she appears in a reading, as she does here with us today, she does so to point out the change-makers, the love-creators and the gift-sharers. You, my lovely soul, are one such person. Her presence here is inviting us to unite all hearts around the world, to lead the world forward where each and every one of us is equal and of importance, where each and every one of us is necessary if we are to achieve, embrace and drive the change our world needs.

We see Sophia/The Shekinah here with a white dove. White doves are positive symbols associated with kindness, peace and forgiveness, attributes we would associate with feminine energy. White doves are also considered symbols of new beginnings, love, faithfulness and prosperity, attributes which can be associated with Sophia as she steps forward to encourage us to take the world forward, create equality, unite all hearts and bring healing, light and love to a world that has been ailing under the often destructive energy of the masculine.

Should you wish to invoke Sophia into your life, visualise yourself encased by the wings of two white doves, surrounded in a bright and loving light. Should you ever see white doves, either in your physical reality or in your mind, be sure that Sophia is letting you know of her presence.

Her message for us here today is "Unleash your spirit. Express your gifts. Dance to the sacred rhythm of life." Now is the time to honour and celebrate who you truly are, to stop hiding or dampening-down your unique abilities and gifts. It's time to dance and celebrate your natural splendour. Let you light shine brightly for others to see, for you bring a sense of balance and equality to the world and your presence is needed to take this world forward.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses

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