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Shetland sheepdog - Congratulations on successfully accomplishing what you set out to do! You've made it through the challenges and incorporated the lessons life offered you with grace and courage.

Dogs, in general, symbolise loyalty, playfulness and unconditional love. Additionally, the shetland sheepdog brings the traits of intelligence, beauty and a sense of humour.

However, most of all the shetland sheepdog brings with it the pressing need to have a 'job', the human equivalent of which would be a soul (or life) purpose.

The shetland sheepdog will perform the job he has been given with purpose, enthusiasm and joy. When we walk our soul path with the same purpose, enthusiasm and joy, our light shall shine bright, our energy will be high, and divine blessings shall be showered upon us. When we walk our soul path, there's nothing we cannot achieve, the world is our oyster.

It doesn't mean to say that our soul path will be free from bumps and obstacles. What it does mean is we have the courage and skill to view these obstacles as life lessons and conquer them with grace and courage.

Along with the shetland sheepdog, on this card are butterflies of all colours of the rainbow. Butterflies represent transformation. Many cultures believe that butterflies represent the soul, which feels quite relevant here as we're touching on walking our soul path. When you choose to listen to your heart and intuition and follow your true soul path, you do experience great transformation. It's as if you're transformed from the slow-moving earth-bound caterpillar into a delicate and beautiful butterfly that is free to fly.

I don't feel it's a coincidence that the butterflies are depicted in all he colours of the rainbow on this card. The significance behind this, I feel, is two-fold:

  • first, when you choose to follow your soul path you follow a path that lights you up and which you are passionate about (red), it helps you grow spiritually (orange) because you're walking in alignment with your true soul purpose, it fills you with optimism, positivity and self-belief (yellow) because everything you do that's in alignment with your soul purpose lights you up and makes you want to get out of bed each morning, it brings healing (green) and harmony (blue) to you life as you're no longer struggling with walking a path which doesn't feel right or is out of alignment with your very soul, it shows integrity and deep sincerity along with wisdom and devotion (indigo), and it is transformative in relation to your spirituality and enlightenment (violet)
  • second, rainbows signify positive change and expansive blessings and, indeed, when you choose to follow your soul path you choose to follow a better, more aligned path, one that is divinely supported and, thus, filled with blessings; one that brings, not only positive change but transformative change.

Also on the card is an archway of green leaves. Green leaves represent hope, renewal, and revival. And I feel this is a message from the world, the collective energy, to anyone who chooses to follow their soul path, that in doing so, they bring greater hope to the world along with an energy of renewal and revival because when you walk your soul path you walk in greater harmony with the world, Mother Nature and her animal kingdom, as well as the human race.

I also feel this archway is a nod to the olympic games symbol whereby a flame is surrounded by a laurel wreath. Only those who are devoted, only those who are healthy and the best at what they do, can join the olympic games. When you choose to follow your soul path, you're choosing to become the very best version of you and, for that, the angels and the Divine honour and thank you. The laurel wreath is a symbol of victory which is very relevant to the mesage here today. When you choose to show up and follow your soul path, it may not be the easiest of choices as it requires devotion and dedication to keep your light shining and the flame within you burning, but it's a victory for your soul as you are now honouring your soul purpose and living your life as your soul intended.

This card is full of celebration. There is nothing you cannot achieve. You can conquer all the challenges in the world, once you choose to follow your soul path. The world needs more souls who are willing and courageous enough to follow their heart and walk their soul path.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Animal Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, illustrated by Dan Craig

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