there's something better

When I asked the angels to direct me to the angel card deck that held today's message for you, the deck they chose was the last one on my mind... but it shows. The angels know best.

The deck of angel cards that we are using today are a deck I occasionally use in my personal 1-1 readings. But, even then, I only use it as an emergency deck when the client and I, no matter how hard we try, just cannot come up with an open-ended question for the angels. I tend to use this deck as a quick-fire, short and sweet, yes/no deck.

So you can appreciate my surprise when the angels picked it out for your message today.

Before we start today's interpretation I want you to think of the area of your life that has been pinching at you and nipping at your brain over recent days. Because that's the area that this card relates to.

The angel image on the card has a very gentle, very light, almost faded presence on the card. The feeling I get around this is that the angels are asking you not to look too hard, not to strain yourself by looking for the answer in this area of your life. There is something better on its way to you, but just let it come to you, don't force the issue. Have trust in the angels. Be open to receive.

The pastel colours I see surrounding the angel are those of yellow, purple, pink and even a touch of orange. These colours represent self-belief, angelic connection, compassion, and spiritual growth, respectively.

With regards this situation in your life, are the angels inviting you to have more self-belief in yourself, that through a growing connection with your angelic team you'll gain greater spiritual growth? Is there a need for compassion around this situation?

The angel is carrying a bouquet of flowers with her. The flowers are mostly in bloom, but not all. So it seems to me that whatever is coming into your life whatever the 'something better' is, is not yet fully in bloom... almost but not quite.

This says to me that you'll either have to be a bit patient before it arrives (remember everthing happens according to Divine timing, not our own human linear timing) or when it arrives it may still have to bloom a bit more.

Flowers on a card are inviting you to express your feelings. And the colours on this card are predominantly pink in colour (the colour pink appearing again on this card), the colour of compassion. It feels like the angels are inviting you to express your feelings but to do so in a compassionate manner. Have you been hiding your feelings with regards this matter in your life? Have you been putting others' feelings before your own? Now's the time to express your feelings but do so respectively and with compassion towards any others that are involved.

The overall theme behind this card, I feel, can be seen in the background colour of emerald green. Green being the colour of healing. So it feels to me that whatever is coming, that "something better", will bring with it healing.

Looking at the card in general, the message I get from it is that your angel and spirit team have something better for you. It may not be the same thing you have planned for yourself or it may be a bigger, greater version of what you considered but, perhaps, felt was beyond your capabilities so decided not to entertain the idea. Sometimes our spiritual team have things in store for us which we would never, initially, consider or which we feel are way above and beyond our means or abilities. But which would you prefer? What your angel and spiritual team have waiting for you, that something better? Or would you rather play it small, lacking in self-belief?

Trust and openness are two words that spring to my mind. Trust in what the angels want for you, open your heart to receive it and open your mind to the possibility that you deserve even more than what you asked for.

What a beautiful and very positive message.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Answers Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, artwork by Marius Michael-George

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