craving, compusion, obsession


My question for you is "what is your thirst at the moment?"

What is driving you going forward?

Is it a thirst for knowledge? Is it a thirst for recognition? Is it a thirst to be seen or heard, to be visible? Is it a thirst for respect or for admiration?

The angels are saying there is a thirst in your life at the moment that's become a craving. A craving is good if it subsides the thirst. BUt if that thirst turns into a compulsion or an obsession, then your thirst becomes a bit more of a curse, rather than a blessing.

If you thirst is, maybe, for knowledge, do you have a thirst to learn and to grow and to become a better person? Or is that thirst, perhaps, covering up a feeling of inadequacy, feeling not good enough, as if you don't know enough whenever, probably, you do.

The angels are asking you to work out what this thirst is that's driving your life at the moment.

If eating is a thirst for you at the moment, is it eating because you want to become healthy, you want to have a healthier lifestyle, you want to become fitter, you want to feel good again? Or is eating covering up some kind of pain in your life, some kind of hurt? Are you trying to put on weight to protect yourself from something?

A thirst we have in our life can be a craving to become better, it can be a blessing. But it can so easily become an obsession, a compulsion and a curse.

We need to find that very thin line where something can fall over, something that, maybe, started off as craving for knowledge and to grow but it's now turned into an obsession where you just keep on learning and learning and learning but not sharing what you're learning, not putting that learning into practice. It's all in your head as theory, but you're not doing it practically to evolve, to become better.

The angels are really encouraging you, through this card, almost like a warning, "Don't let your thirst become an obsession. Don't let it take over your life at the expense of your life." It's good while it's a blessing because it motivates you and it gets you to strive and move forward. But once it gets beyond the blessing, it quickly can turn into a curse.

The angels are wanting you to dig deep this week. Really dig deep to see why you are thirsting for what you are thirsting for at the moment.

We all thirst for something. But is that thirst beneficial to your life or has it become a curse and it's sucking the blood out of your life?

What stands out for me this card are 3 things.

The first thing I want to talk about is the red on her lips, then the lilac of her hair, and her wide open eyes.

The red on her lips. Red, for me, is the colour of passion. When you're thirsting for something, you really have, at the start of it, such a passion for it. Such a passion to develop and change. Thirst can bring change. But sometimes that passion can go a little bit too far.

If the blood is on your lips has it gone a little bit too far, has your passion turned into something you feel you can't live without, like blood for a vampire is something that is life-giving for them? Then that means your thirst has gone too far. You should be able to survive on passion, enjoyment, fulfillment, not on desperation and need, obsession, compulsion. That's not what the angels want for you.

Lilac in her hair, Lilac, for me, is the colour of forgiveness, self-forgiveness. Now that this has been highlighted to you that sometimes a thirst you might have in your life, a craving you might have in your life, sometimes it does cross the line and become something more negative in your life than it was at the start whenever it was really positive. And if you find, with any thirst that you are experiencing in your life at the moment, that it has crossed that line and it has become more of a compulsion, an obsession, even a curse, now is the time to forgive yourself. Don't go beating yourself up.

The angels have highlighted this to you to remind you that sometimes we can take things a little bit too far that are no longer benefitting us. That's not an invitation to beat yourself up and make yourself feel worse than you, maybe, already do. It's an invitation from the angels to say forgive yourself. We all make mistakes. We all can take things beyond passion. So be kind to yourself and forgive yourself. And when you forgive yourself, then just let it go.

The eyes on the card are really wide open. And what that says to me is, through this message the angels are opening your eyes. You may not have realised, before this message today, that what you are thirsting after has actually become negative in your life. It's not the passion it once started to be. It doesn't have the positive end you started out to have. It's crossed that line and it's become an obsession, it's become a compulsion, it's become a craving and a curse that you, almost, can't live without because it's become part of your life.

However, in doing so, it's taken you away from who you are, it's taken you away from your life purpose, it's taken you away from what you're here in life to do, because it's just gone that little bit too far. Now's the time to reel it back in and look at what your thirst was, and when it stopped being positive in your life and benefitting your life.

Your eyes have been opened. Open your eyes and use your eyes to see what thirst may be in your life that's not benefitting you.

Forgive yourself and re-ignite your passion. Take that thirst and turn it into something positive again in your life. For yourself and, possibly, for others around you.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Les Vampires Oracle Deck by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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