your potential is endless


When I turned this card over, the first thing that caught my eye were the really high-backed thrones in the colours of pink and gold. We also see gold on the edging of the wall and the edging of the carpet.

For me, pink is the colour of compassion and gold is the colour of success and prosperity. And, if you think of a throne, who sits on a throne? It's the leader of a country, the King or Queen. So thrones represent power and ability. What the angels are saying to us today, through this card, is that you have such great potential. Your potential is endless. In other words, you can do anything you want, anything your put your mind to. You have a lot of potential and a lot of power within you. At the same time, show that power a little bit of compassion.

When you follow what your heart is telling you, when you follow what your soul is telling you deep within, and you follow your own inate power,  it will bring you success and prosperity. However, sometimes when we come face-to-face with our own power, it can become frightening. So the angels are also saying "be a bit kind to yourself, be a bit gentle towards yourself, show yourself some compassion" because you have great power within you and the angels are encouraging you to embrace it.

Sometimes we need to be a little bit gentle on ourselves because discoering our power and our true self can be a little bit frightening at the same time.

Another symbol that stood out for me was the stars... everywhere. Whenever I see stars I think of the phrase "reach for the stars", aim higher. The angels are encouraging us, and it's such a beautiful encouragement, they're telling you that you have so much potential, don't play small. Sit on that throne of power, reach higher, you can do anything you put your mind to, anything at all.

It's hard to ignore the three people on the throne.

This first one I see as a princess, not as a queen. And what a princess would imply to me is that there's a level of innocence about her. And, indeed, she's wearing a white dress and white can reflect the colour of innocence and purity. A princess, to me, is someone who is quite youthful, someone who's still young. They're not yet the queen; they still have a way to go, they still have a lot to learn, they're still on their journey towards the destination of becoming queen. But they have that potential inside of them.

When you look inside yourself, do you feel that you're still youthful from the point of view of learning? That where you want to be in life and what you want to achieve in life, the path that you want to walk, are you still needing to learn quite a bit? Then be kind to yourself. It's fine to have to still learn. Remember you have the potential inside of you to succeed and become a queen (or king).

If we then look in the centre, there's someone who's depicted as a witch with fire coming out of her hands. What a witch would say to me, and remember we're talking about Angel and Oracle cards here so we always look for the positive. What's the positive message the angels are sending us? A witch would say to me 'special powers'. The angels are saying that you are unique, the gifts that you have inside of your are unique to you. You have special powers. So why not strive to bring hose special powers out into the world?

The final depiction we have here is of a mermaid. What do we know about mermaids? Mermaids are not believed to be overly keen on staying in the same place all the time and that implies a degree of individuality, uniqueness and an unwillingness to conform. So the mermaid is saying to me, you don't have to conform, you don't have to do what your family want you to do, you don't have to do what society is telling you you should do. Look deep inside. Do what lights you up. Don't forget, you have special powers.

The other thing about mermaids is that they represent balancing the heart and the head. Sometimes when we go with our heart our head will override it. And then when we're listening to our head we're not actually paying attention to our heart. So a mermaid also represents the balancing between the head and the heart because, in stories about mermaids, it was said that their beautiful songs enticed humans to succumb to them. Their beautiful songs were touching the hearts of humans who failed to listen to their head all the time. It's talking about finding that balance.

When you listen to what your family tells you to do, or when you do what you feel you should be doing by walking a path that you feel is right and expected of you, you're very much listening to your head. But the angels are inviting you to find that balance. Find that balance between what your heart and your soul is encouraging you to do and what your head is telling you to do. Don't let you head overrule your heart. The heart is the seat of our emotions, it's where your truth is. So listen to your heart as well.

The final symbol I want to touch on is the stairs. What are stairs? What do they enable us to do? They enable us to climb to the next level. What does that mean to us today? We're looking up towards these three people on the thrones. We're seeing them from below, from the bottom of the stairs. For us to place ourselves on one of these thrones, or in all of the thrones, we need to uplevel a little bit. We need to grow. The stars are saying "aim higher". That means you may have a journey to travel on, you may need to progress and grow. Like we said with the princess, she needs to grow into the role of queen. She's not quite there yet.

The angels are telling you, your potential is endless. It's almost implying you may actually be keeping yourself small... and that's not what the angels want for you. They want you to look inside yourself, find out who you truly are, and let that come to the surface.

You can choose. Do you want to follow your heart, a heart that leads you to a pure life? Do you want to follow your heart, a heart that encourages you to embrace your special powers? Or do you want to follow your heart and do something that's not following the rules, not conforming to society? Or, when you look at this card and the three thrones, are you saying "but I want all of that!" You can have all of that. This can be three parts of your journey to finding your potential.

You can grow, you can become the queen (or king). You can use the special powers that the angels have given you, your special gifts. And you don't have to conform to society. Remember, that could be keeping you small.

So climb those stairs, reach for the stars, aim higher, fulfil your potential, do what lights you up. That's the message from the angels today. That's what they're encouraging you to do.

Sit, my lovely soul, on your throne.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Believe In Your Own Magic Oracle Deck by Amanda Lovelace, artwork by Janaina Medeiros

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