time to go

Walk away when there's nothing else to learn or experience.

Through this card we are being encouraged to move on to new experiences and a new way of being.

If you've felt a tug on your heart-strings recently, a tug that's encouraging you to embrace something new, be it a new experience or a new way of being, then now's the time to listen and act. Because holding onto the past and the present no longer serves you, it no longer benefits you. You have learned and experienced everything you needed to.

Now's the time to step forward onto a new path, into a new way of being, into a new experience.

It can feel frightening to take that first step forward into and onto something new. However, the present situation has finished serving you. There is nothing more you can do, learn or become as a result. Now's the time to move forward. If you stay in the present and don't take the courageous move forward, you'll become stuck, you'll not have the chance to change, learn, develop or grow. And that's not what life is about.

Life is about embracing the present, learning from it and then moving forward.

Don't forget that today's present was yesterday's step forward.

Don't forget that where you are today felt like a huge leap forward, a massive challenge, mere weeks, months or even years ago. And, yet, here you are. Look how much you have grown, look how much you have changed, look how much you have learned. It's time to keep moving forward.

I find it interesting that the path on which the person is moving forward appears to be a bridge. Think about bridges for a moment. Where do you find bridges? And why? Often you find a bridge over a river or joining one side of a canyon or gorge to another. So bridges help us overcome difficult situations. Bridges help us reach the other side with greater ease. When there's a bridge we don't have to swim across a fast-flowing river. When there's a bridge we don't have to climb down one side of a canyon or gorge and climb up to reach the top of the other side. Bridges make a journey less treacherous, less challenging, and they cut out the unnecessary dificulties. Things are easier when a bridge is present.

At the moment destiny is encouraging you to step forward, to walk along the bridge that it has created for you. Sure, you may be walking into the unknown and you can't yet see the final destination. However, the very presence of the bridge ensures that you're not taking the long way round, you're not following the more treacherous path.

Below the bridge, beside the bridge, above the bridge are clouds, taking on hues of brown and dark blue. Clouds are all about higher thinking. Whilst it may feel attractive to stay where you are, safe within your current comfort zone, by choosing to leave and move forward, you're embracing a higher thinking, you're embracing the new possibilities, the new opportunities, the new experiences that stepping forward into the unknown will present to you. You can see that staying stuck no longer benefits you. A change in experiences, a change in lifestyle, a change in attitude, a change in being will only help you grow, learn and develop even more. Life is a constant journey.

By moving forward, by embracing the opportunity that lies before you, whether it's a new experience, a new way of being, a new lifestyle, you'll more closely return to who you are, naturally, at soul level (brown) and in doing so it will bring you great strength (dark blue). I wonder... has the path you've been on felt like you've been out of alignment for a while? Have you felt you have, perhaps, outgrown your current habits and lifestyle? Are you feeling a tug to living a different style of life more in tune with nature? Are you feeling a tug to change who you hang out with? Are you feeling drawn towards different kinds of experiences? If so, then these tugs are pulling you back to who you are at soul level.

Some might think when you see this bridge with no safety handles, where you cannot see what lies beneath or, indeed, how high up you may be (though we suspect we're high as we're surrounded by clouds), that it could be quite dangerous to cross over. That, lovely soul, is fear keeping you safe and keeping you small.

Look at the bridge.

Look how steady and secure it is as the person walks along it. It does now swing, it does not sway.

Look how wide the bridge is. It's not some narrow walkway where you need to carefully place one foot in front of the other to avoid falling off into the abyss.

Isn't it better that your focus is directed totally on the bridge that you're traveling across rather than being distracted by land lying far below, especially if you have a fear of heights?

And just because there are clouds present who's to say, for sure, that you're high up from the ground? This bridge could be connecting two mountain valleys where the valleys, being mountainous, are already in the clouds.

In the distance we can see a doorway. We can't see it clearly but we can see that it's there. Is it a doorway, is it a solid door, is it a gate? We can't see, at the moment, but that's not important. Nor is it important to see what lies on the other side of the doorway. What is important is that we take one step at a time. The doorway represents a new opportunity that awaits us. When we reach it we will find a way to walk through, if necessary we will find the key to open it.

If we focus on the person walking across the bridge we can see she appears to be semi-transparent. What I feel this implies is some form of transitioning. She is not fully connected to the destination she left at the start of the bridge nor is she, yet, fully connected with the doorway at the end of the bridge. This implies she's going through a time of transitioning, letting go of the past and present so she can openly embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. The bridge you are being invited to walk along will help you transition from your present situation to the one that lies ahead of you.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Wisdom Of The Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia

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