to the sea

Being in the flow on the sea of life

This card has a real calmness to it and depth also. So much blue.

If we, at first, focus on the primary image on this card, the lady in the boat, we can see how relaxed she looks, just letting the sea guide her where it chooses to take her, riding the gentle waves of opportunity, going with the flow and being in the flow.

Her head is lowered, almost as if she's in meditation or, possibly, engrossed in a great book. Whichever, she's not vigilantly keeping watch of where the sea is taking her, she's not glued to her binoculars looking for an end destination of land or to see possible dangers on her path. She's not focused on her compass to control the direction she's being led in. She's simply trusting.

When you trust, surrender and release so you can be in flow with life, it brings with it a sense of calmness. You're no longer trying to steer everything in the direction you feel is best for you. You're no longer keeping watch for everything and anything that may cross your path. You're simply clam and riding the gentle waves of tranquility.

As I mentioned at the start, this card has so much blue in it. Indeed, the blues appear to evenly split the card in half with the upper half being a light blue and the bottom half a darker blue.

Light blue is the colour of harmony and dark blue the colour of strength. This says to me when you relax, let go, and go with the flow, you're in better harmony with life. And in that harmony, in that sense of flow, you'll experience great strength. There's great depth to your strength.

Between the blues lies an horizon which actually feels so close you could touch it. Horizons on a card represent new horizons, new opportunities, new ventures. When you're in the flow of life, letting it carry you, you don't have to search out those new opportunities, they'll simply come your way because you're more in-tune and aligned with life.

The final symbol I want to touch on is the woman, dressed in pink. with purple wings. Whilst she may be an angel, I feel she is 'merely' a woman with wings. And this is significant to our interpretation of this card.

As a woman she represents any woman who may be reading the interpretation of this card, reminding you to be in the flow of life. However, she also represents feminine energy, an energy of receiving, stepping back and letting life guide you. The colour of her dress, pink, reminds us to be both compassionate to ourselves and to others. There will be times when our head wants to steer the boat and overrides our heart wanting to be in the flow. And that's okay. Don't beat yourself up when this happens. Simply acknowledge it and go back to being in the feminine energy of receiving and being.

Finally, her purple wings. Purple is the colour of angelic connection and wings tell us that the angels are with us, supporting and helping us. They've heard your whispers asking for guidance, and are with you. So, as you allow life to gently and lovingly guide without resisting where it may take you, know that the angels are with you, supporting and helping you and, indeed, the life that is guiding you.

I love the gentleness that exudes from this card. The calmness and serenity.

Being in the flow with life, relaxing and trusting that you are being guided can be difficult and I wouldn't always see it as drifting on a calm sea as, often, it's a tussle between trusting the angels and life, and desperately trying to hold onto control. This is where the pink of compassion is really important. Understand and accept that being in the flow can be a tussle, relish the moments when you find yourself in the flow and enjoying everything that life brings your way. Be kind and gentle to yourself when you find yourself fighting for control.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Wisdom Of The Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia

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