trustworthy friends

thank you angels for surrounding me with people I can trust and love


This is such a beautiful and uplifting card; literally 'uplifting' on the picture of the card.

When I turned over this card, what stood out for me was, so much green and so much yellow on the card and, also, the absolutely massive full moon in the background.

Green, for me, is the colour of healing. It's saying to me that, perhaps in the past you have had people in your life who have let you down, who haven't been trustworthy, who you tried to turn to and lean on and they let you down and you fell. And, now is the time to do a lot of healing whenever it comes to those people. To forgive and let go.

The full moon is all about releasing and receiving. So, whenever it comes to people, maybe in your past, who have let you down, now is the time to heal, forgive, and release. Let them go behind you. Don't let them walk in front of you.

Yellow is the colour of optimism, positivity and self-belief. Yes, you may have been hurt in the past but, once you release and let go of those people and forgive them (you're not condoning what they did, you're just releasing them so you can move forward), then, things will look a lot brighter, things will feel a lot more optimistic. People will start coming into your life that you know, in your heart, you can trust and you can turn to whenever you need to. People who will raise you up, who will lift you up, who will support you whenever you need it. Those are the people that you are going to surround yourself with, when you heal and let go of old friendships, acquaintances, or people you know that you still have energetic cords connected to.

I also was drawn to, not just the yellow, but the fact that the field is full of dandelions. Only dandelions in the field. So, I had to look up the meaning of dandelions because it's not a symbol I have in my library. And dandelions are all about healing from emotional pain and surviving challenges and difficulties. Again, linked in with the colour green of healing. And also emotional pain because heart-ache and friends who have let you down, that really does cause you emotional pain, more so than physical or spiritual pain. It's very emotional.

So the dandelions are saying, you are healing from past experiences of people who have let you down.

Let's go to the full moon again. Because the full moon was about releasing and receiving. We've done the releasing part. We're letting go of anyone who has let us down. We're forgiving and moving on. Now we want to receive. We want to receive the kind of people who will raise us up, who will support us, who will cheer us on.

The angels are saying, you have trustworthy friends in your life. You just need to open your eyes and see them. And open your heart to them. Perhaps your heart is a little bit closed because of past experiences - you find it hard to let people into your heart, again, because you're scared of being let down. But these people in your life that you are surrounded by, are trustworthy and you know who they are. So let them lift you up, let them support you. Even when you're going through this healing, let them support you through this healing. Because they will be with you. They are the kind of friends that don't run away. They're the kind of friends who are with you through thick and thin. And we all need those friends.

The other thing I want to say about this card is, it's not just human friends that we consider here. When we connect in with the angelic realm, when we talk and work with the angels, they become our cheerleaders, our best companions, our confidants. They become our trustworthy friends as well. So don't limit your thinking to human friends and people who are surrounding you and are in your circle that you know are trustworthy, expand that a little bit further and bring the angels into your life, just like they are pictured on the card. Bring the angels into your life so they, also,can support you, uplift you, guide you, and cheer you on.

The meaning behind this card is so super uplifting. It's so beautiful and positive. It's saying, yes, you have been hurt in the past, you have been let down in the past, but do the healing and be optimistic about the present and the future because things have changed, especially whenever you have healed and let go. You've made space in your life and in your heart for new people to enter, new trustworthy friends to come into your life.

It's a really positive and uplifting message for us today, as it always is every week. Let the angels step into your life and lift you up. Let trustworthy friends, human friends, also come into your life as well.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Prayers Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Jason Mccreadie

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