uncovering treasure

Beneath the surface lies great bounty

When something is waiting to be uncovered, it already exists, it's already there. It just can't be seen because something is covering it and blocking it from view. But it's there, if only you choose to look for it.

And when something is said to be beneath the surface, I get the impression that I wouldn't have to dig too deep to find it. It feels like it wants to be found. It's just that the sands of time, perhaps, have dusted over it and hidden it from immediate sight.

Both these explanations bring great hope and great positivity to the treasures and great bounty that are lying in wait for you, that are lying beneath the surface of your life.

Sometimes to see and appreciate the treasure in your life, you simply need to look at something with fresh eyes, What may seem ordinary, at first glance, may actually turn out to be a great treasure for you.

For example, a twinkle in the desert sand you might, at first, think is simply the sand twinkling in the sun. But scrape away the top dusting of sand and you could reveal a precious gem twinkling in the sun.

So take a second and closer look at the things, situation, and people, in your life that you deemed ordinary. By looking at them differently and from a different perspective, by dusting off any assumptions you may have already made and accepted, you may find they actually bring great treasure into your life. The treasure has always been there, you simply didn't see it.

Another thing to consider when uncovering treasure in your life are the concepts of deserving and feeling worthy. If you don't feel deserving or worthy to uncover treasure in your life, do you think you'll find it? The treasure will be there, just beneath the surface, waiting to be uncovered but you will not scrape away that thin layer that is keeping it hidden. And so you leave it to become even more deeply hidden as the sands of time cover it even more. Eventually your eye won't see that twinkle and it will have forgotten completely about the treasure that is just beneath the surface, all because of your lack of self-worth and deserving. I wonder how many treasures are lying forgotten beneath the surface of your life?

There's a lot of gold in this card, gold being the colour of prosperity and success. If you only believe in yourself, if you only deem yourself worthy and deserving, the treasures you will uncover within yourself and within your life will bring you great prosperity and success. But you need to believe.

The dominant symbol in the picture is that of a dragon. Depending on which tradition you turn to, dragons can represent anything from evil and danger, to great wisdom, hidden knowledge and supernatural power.

As we are interpreting an oracle card, where the messages from the angels are always positive and uplifting, encouraging us to step forward. And as the dragon in the picture actually appears to be smiling and doesn't appear, in any way, menacing, I feel we should look towards the more positive traits that a dragon represents.

In the Orient, the dragon symbolises supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. In the Celtic tradition, it symbolises protection and power. Dragons also often represent protection, success, loyalty, fearlessness, balance. Through their symbolic representation of all that the Universe has to offer, they represent immense possibility. 

Your dragon within may be loyally, faithfully and fearlessly protecting you from all the treasures and hidden knowledge that are yours, should you simply choose to uncover them.

Whilst the dragon may, at first, look to be protecting and safeguarding the treasures and precious gems that lie beneath the surface, look again and you'll see that the very presence of the dragon is stopping you from reaching the treasures that are yours, the treasures that could fill your life and that already exist, if only you could get to them.

Is it time to slay the dragon within, so you feel worthy and deserving of the all that the Universe wishes you to have, of the immense possibilities that could fill your life?

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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