we're all just stardust


Think of a baby. Think of whenever you were a baby. Whenever you were first born and you were loved and looked after and cherished by your parents and, perhaps, all your relatives came round to see you. And for a few months, maybe even a couple of years, you were considered and you believed yourself to be the centre of the universe. Because you received so much love, so much attention, so much care. You could do so little for yourself. And when you cried, somebody came running. So you must have been special; you were the centre of the universe.

And then you grew older. You learned about the world and you learned about the planets and you learned about the milky way and suddenly you realised, "Hang on here, I'm not the centre of the universe. I am just stardust. I'm nowhere as big and as important as I once thought."

However, whilst that may give you, not a darker feeling, but it throws a darker light on things where you aren't the be all and end all of the world, where you realise that you are amongst so many millions and billions of people on this world, and you're also part of a much bigger solar system where even the planet earth begins to look super tiny, never mind how tiny you look. That brings a different light to things.

Yes, you could look at it as being merely stardust so you could think that if you're this really small dust particle from the stars, what's the point, what impact can you make? "I'm not this huge centre of the universe who can make such a difference to the world, such an impact to the world because I am just this little stardust". The angels are here to say, no, that's so not true.

If you don't keep your own individual universe, your own world, the bubble you live in, in balance, that will impact the balance and alignment of other people. And that will, in turn, impact more people. And that will then impact your community. And the more this ripple effect continues, it can impact the world.

And, as our world changes, perhaps not for the better but for the not-so-good, that can impact the solar system which can impact life in the universe, in general.

So, you may consider yourself just stardust where what you do, what you think, and how you behave doesn't have very much impact. However, it creates a ripple effect. And the angels are here today to say, "Take yourself seriously because how you behave, how you act, how you speak, how you think is influencing other people. And you want to keep things in balance." You may just be a piece of dust from a star but you are part of that star and that star is part of the universe. We are one energy with the universe. So our presence here, on earth, at this time is super, super important.

So you do need to consider the bigger elements of life, the bigger matters in life. You do need to make aligned choices that are beneficial to Mother Earth, beneficial to fellow humans, beneficial to the Animal Kingdom. Your choices do have an impact. And the angels are asking us to go into our heart and consider the choices and decisions we make every day.

Are we buying stuff that's damaging the earth? Are we throwing away things that really we shouldn't and don't need to throw away? Are we recycling as much as we should?

Our aim is to bring a brightness, a lightness, a higer vibration to the world, to the universe. And whatever choices and decisions we make every single day, those choices and decisions are super important even though we only play a small part. Because it only takes one small particle and one small change to start to build and grow, and build and grow.

Look at a tidal wave. It didn't start as a tidal wave. You never would have seen the start of a tidal wave because it may have just been the effect of the moon, perhaps, on one little particle in the sea. And that little particle impacted another, and impacted another, until they started this chain reaction that created this tidal wave.

It's the same with everything in life. It starts with a small thing. Nothing in history, nothing that's really memorable, for good or for bad, in history started out as a big event. It started out as a tiny event. It started out with everyday people. And we are those everyday people. So our choices and decisions in life are incredibly important because we do create a ripple effect.

If you look at the hands on the card and compare them to the planet in the background, the hands are really huge. Sure, you might say the focus is on the hands and the planet is in the background, and that's fine. However, how I look at it is the hands remind me of the hands of creation, the hands of the universe. And those hands are cherishing every single little bit of stardust that falls into them. The hands aren't taking some pieces of stardust and tossing them to the side: "Don't really like that bit, just get rid of it", the hands are cherishing every piece of stardust that floats into them.

One thing that came up for me whenever I turned over this card first of all, is a phrase that the Dalai Lama has said. And the phrase he coined was, "If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven't spent the night with a mosquito". Think about that. How tiny, compared to us, is a little mosquito. And how much impact can that mosquito make if you are sleeping in bed at night with no mosquito net? How much impact can that little mosquito make in an annoying way through sound and through nipping away at your body?

So, although you may feel like you are just stardust, you can have such a huge impact in the world in general, and in the balance of the universe. Don't ever underestimate your impact and, therefore, don't ever underestimate how much you can put something out of balance, how much you can create a tidal wave, whether it's a good one or a bad one that you will take part in, that you will create that ripple effect in.

The colour that stood out for me most on this card was the colour peach. If you think of the colour peach. How did the colour peach get its name? Well, it got its name from the fruit, the peach. Think about whenever you bite into a peach, how juicy it is, how comforting it is, how enjoyable it is. We're being reminded to enjoy life, through this card. And by enjoying life, we're raising our vibration. And by raising our vibration, we're raising the vibration of anyone who crosses our path. And they, in turn, will raise the vibration of anybody who crosses their path.

But peach is also, in Chinese civilisation, associated with the peach tree of immortality. So, it's also saying to us, we may not live forever on this earth, but we may forever be a little piece of star, a little dust particle of a star because we are a soul that goes on, that 'lives' forever and ever. And it's reminindg us that what we do in this world and how we impact this universe, positively or negatively, that that does have an impact throughout all of time. That impact doesn't end when our life here on earth ends. That impact continues and continues and continues.

Today is quite a serious message but it's also a really uplifting message too. We are being reminded to never consider yourself too small to have an impact because you do have an impact. Yes, you're not the centre of the universe; you may be the centre of your own universe but you are not THE centre of the universe. You're old enough and wise enough to realise that now. However, if you do consider yourself to play an important role in the universe, you will make choices and decisions that benefit the universe, that are in alignment with Mother Earth, the animal kingdom, with fellow human beings.

Your choices and decisions will be more conscious, will be more careful, and will become more loving because you will make them from the place of love which is your heart.

So remember always. No matter how small each and every one of us is, we can create a very big impact in our world and in our universe. So make sure that impact is positive and in alignment.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Believe In Your Own Magic Oracle Deck by Amanda Lovelace, artwork by Janaina Medeiros

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