valiant courage

Take action with passion

Through this card we're not 'just' being invited to ignite courage and take action, we're being invited to take valiant courage; courage that is determined, courage that is brave, courage that would be noteworthy of a great and heroic soldier. Nor are we being invited to 'just' take action, we're invited to take action that is driven by passion, by desire, by our heart.

As I look at the picture on this card I'm receiving phrases like "hold you head high", "pull your shoulders back", "be steadfast and confident". There's nothing timid, nothing quiet, nothing unbecoming of the picture on this card. Now is the time to take action, lead from your heart, be fearless and brave, and don't be apologetic.

As we step forward to take action, we want to feel like a soldier heading into battle - we want to feel confident, we want to feel brave, we want to feel assured that we will succeed.

And, yet, if you look at the soldier on the horse, in the picture, he isn't clad in armour as we might expect. He is wearing a tunic and carrying a small dagger. Not quite what we would expect from someone heading into battle.

And I feel this image carries two possible meanings - choose the one that resonates most with you.

Is the soldier open to vulnerability, open to being just who he is, as he is? He's heading into battle as he is, without the weight of heavy metal on his body, without hiding behind protective clothing. Without the protection of armour, he'll have lightness, he'll have speed, and he'll have agility. Does it mean he will return from battle unscathed? Probably not, nor is he entering into battle naively or without fear. But he is still heading into battle. Are you ready to step forward into the unknown as your true authentic self, not hiding behind any protection?

The other meaning for this image may be that the soldier on the horse is a flag bearer. Whilst the flag bearer may not take part in the battle per se, he does lead the army forward into battle and is the forebearer for battle. Flag bearers are seen as those who openly promote an idea or value and become symbolic for it. They are the ones whom everyone follows, they are the inspiration. Through your example and lead, will you inspire others to find their own truth and take action with courage and grace?

In the background is a huge orange, yellow and pink cloud standing in front of light blue sky.

Clouds represent higher thinking. When you strike up the courage to take action, it doesn't mean to say you won't experience fear of stepping into the unknown or stepping outside your comfort zone. It's okay to feel fear. As Susan Jeffers titled her best-selling book "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway". When many feel fear, they run for cover, they run to safety. When your passion is calling you, when you know it's time to be courageous, you want to keep moving forward, keep taking action, even though you still feel the fear. That requires resilience, strength of character, higher thinking and a trust in what is to be.

The clouds are orange, yellow and pink in colour. Orange is the colour of spiritual growth, yellow the colour of positivity, optimism and self-belief, and pink the colour of compassion.

When you step forward, when you feel that fear and do it anyway, you'll grow spiritually because you've placed your trust in the divine, that the Universe has your back. To step forward not only calls for bravery and courage, it calls for self-belief and an optimism and positivity that everything will turn out as it is meant to turn out. It doesn't mean you'll walk through the battlefield unscathed, but you will walk out the other side as you are meant to. That you must believe. And pink, the colour of compassion, reminds us to be kind, be compassionate to ourselves and those we meet in battle. If you get cut, if you get hurt, don't beat yourself up about it, rather honour yourself for having the courage to do what many people don't - step forward into the unknown. And should you get hurt by those around you, be they friends, family or strangers, practice compassion and forgiveness. We never know where someone is emotionally, mentally, spiritually on their own journey.

The colourful cloud stands in front of the light blue sky. The light blue sky represent harmony in your thinking, in your being, in your spiritual feelings and your state of mind. When you let higher thinking, and all that it brings, come to the forefront, it will bring harmony into your life in more ways than you could imagine.

Now is not the time to be timid. Now is not the time to take a back seat. Now's the time to step forward with your head held high and your shoulders back. Now's the time to take passionate action, otherwise opportunities will pass you by.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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