fresh organic fruits and vegetables give you a boost of high life-force energy which elevates your spiritual frequency


What message can we derive from this card today?

Well, I want to highlight the strong green colour. It's almost popping out of the card because the background of the card is quite dark. The angels are talking about an attitude to life, an attitude to food that may be different from the course that you are currently walking. They're talking about a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

And what I feel in this card is that the background is really dark and when you take that step towards eating foods that are created and provided for you with so much love from Mother Earth, it's like you step out of some kind of darkness that has been holding you back and holding you down. And green, the colour of healing, all of a sudden elevates your vibration and your energy. And you just, kind of, pop out of the darkness.

What I see, besides the colour green on this card, is a bowl of fruit and vegetables. And what springs to mind is the phrase that you should enjoy the fruits that Mother Earth provides for you, not the 'fruits' that mankind provides for you. In other words, enjoy what is natural, enjoy what falls from the trees, what grows through the ground, not things that have been manipulated by man, that have been injected, that have been created in a laboratory, that's basically synthetic food, not natural food.

Because, whenever you choose to walk a spiritual path, whenever you choose to follow your soul's calling in life, (and all of us are souls, we are spiritual beings in a human body), we want to keep the vibration of our human body as high as possible. It may never reach the high vibration of our soul but we want to keep it high. And if we're eating food that comes from a laboratory, food that really isn't food at all, food that carries with it the vibration of stress and death and heavy vibrations like that, we're never going to be able to raise our vibration.

When we start to enjoy the rainbow of foods that Mother Earth so beautifully and so generously provides for us, then we can start to raise our vibration. And then we can start to open our eyes and we will see so much more around us. And we'll also be living more in alignment with the world around us, with Mother Earth, with the animal kingdom.

The other symbol on this card that I want to highlight is the caduceus.

We associate the caduceus with Archangel Raphael nowadays, from a spiritual point of view. We also associate the colour green and healing with Archangel Raphael. Now archangels are neither feminine nor masculine, but if I was to describe how I have seen Archangel Raphael, it would be more of a masculine energy and, yet, this angel here is feminine which makes me feel more like a Mother Earth kind of energy. So I feel like the two are being intertwined here. We have the presence of Mother Earth and at the same time we have the presence of Archangel Raphael who is here to heal us, to heal those around us, to heal the earth, and to unite us all, to bring us all into alignment.

The caduceus is very much associated with Archangel Raphael. It is also associated with the medical profession, the profession that is deemed to be the profession that wishes to heal humans that aren't naturally healing themselves.

The caduceus dates back to Roman times and to Hermes (or Mercury) who was the god who helped souls to cross over and go to the underworld. But he also used his caduceus to cure illnesses instantly and, whatever he touched with it, would just turn to gold. And what that says to me is, when you change your lifestyle, when you choose to eat a high vibrational diet, your life will change, and it will become golden, and it will become so much brighter, and you will feel so much better for it.

The caduceus, itself, also, signifies spiritual enlightenment, it signifies wisdom, it represents healing (like we've mentioned), and immortality. So there's a lot of meaning behind the caduceus.

It also talks about equilibrium and a moral standing. And when you think about that in terms of eating foods that Mother Nature provided, rather than eating foods that have been killed and slaughtered or created in laboratories, you think of the moral side of that as well. You're more in alignment with what we should be eating and how we should be living. And it's more ethical as well.

In the caduceus there are two snakes that climb up. They intertwine three and a half times around the caduceus. The snakes, themselves, are said to represent feminine and masculine energy. And by intertwining it's bringing and equilibrium and a balance of feminine and masculine energy. We all have feminine and masculine energy, it's a matter of keeping it in balance. The feminine energy is all about creativity, about receiving, about opening your heart and things like that. Masculine energy is all about taking action and doing. And, for us to be healthy, we want to keep those two energies in balance.

And, as well as that, the two snakes intertwining three and a half times total to seven times of crossing. And what that represents are your seven chakras and the rising of kundalini energy from your base chakra right up to your crown chakra where you reach spiritual enlightenment. And it's also saying to me, as a result, that when you choose to follow a lifestyle that is in alignment with nature, that whenever you choose to eat high vibrational foods, natural foods, a rainbow of foods, then your energy, your kundalini energy can flow unhindered through your chakras because your chakras are in balance. And your life-force energy can flow and can take you to a height of spiritual enlightenment.

So the angels are encouraging you today to look at your lifestyle, to look at your diet. We don't need a radical overhaul but if you consider how the human race is treating the world, how, if we did not eat so much meat as we do, we would be able to pull back so much land for Mother Earth to heal her, to make her better, to grow fruits and vegetables more, to feed nations that don't receive the food that they need.

If you look inward, if you want to follow a spiritual path, then these are the questions you need to consider:

Am I eating a vibrational energy that is able to raise my vibration so I can open my eyes spiritually and I can be honest and true to my soul? That I can connect with the angels and the spiritual realm whose energy is so much higher than mine? But, because I am willing to raise my energy by the way I live and by the way I eat that the angels and spiritual realm will meet me halfway.

When you do choose to follow a spiritual path, you do get pulled towards choices like this. It's only natural. And that's whenever you look inside and you question yourself: Am I living according to how my soul wishes me to live?

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Therapy Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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