voyage of the heart

Love flows through you and to you

What a beautiful, vibrant card to match the beautiful high-vibrational and uplifting emotion of love.

This  card is so full of colour and symbolism that if I interpret each and every aspect, we'll be here all day. So I'm only going to focus on what catches my eye.

Let's focus, first, on the presence of the woman, a presence that fills the card. The woman, here, represents feminine energy, the energy of receiving and openness. Be open to receive the love that flows to you each and every day, for you are deeply loved and profoundly loveable. Don't lock yourself off from love or think that you are undeserving of love. Rather let love flow to you and through you.

If we look at the flow on the card, there's a gentle flow moving from the woman, through her hair, which turns into water, and then this changes into soft pink clouds which move up and out through her hands.

When we open to receive love and invite it to flow through us, we get to experience the many beautiful emotions (water) that come with it. In turn, receiving love and receiving the joy of experiencing love, takes our thinking to a higher level (clouds) whereby we choose to compassionately (pink) share it on and send it out to others (through her hands).

Love is a continuous rhythm and flow of receiving, accepting, experiencing and passing forward, a continuous cycle that naturally repeats, just like the phases of the moon.

When we first open up to receive love, the love that comes to us is from the Divine, from the angels (purple). As it travels through us, it brings harmony (light blue) to our very existence before we share it with compassion (pink) to others. Love also brings with it great healing (green). In so letting love travel through us, we are honouring ourselves as a sacred vessel. And when our vessel is filled with love, we do not, nor can we, put a lid on it to stop it overflowing or seeping out. Rather we let that love overflow so it can impact the lives of those around us whom we love, strangers who cross our path, the animals we live alongside, both in our homes and in nature around us, and Mother Earth herself.

It is through love that the Divine and angels (purple) are communicating with us and through us. So listen to your heart, and love, and, where it may be at odds with the thoughts in your mind, trust your heart, follow you heart, not your mind, for you heart is ruled by love. And love comes form the Divine and the angels.

There is nothing you need to do to receive love, there are no efforts you are being asked to make, just let love flow through you. Let it become who you are and then take it out into the world, sharing it with mankind, the animal kingdom and, of course, Mother Earth herself.

When you allow love to flow endlessly and effortlessly through you, you'll find that you become a more loving person to everyone and everything around you. The choices you make, you'll make with compassion towards all those touched and impacted by your choices. And in so doing, you'll not only bring about healing to your own life, but to those around you.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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