you already have all the answers


To start this interpretation, I have a couple of questions for you:

Have you been feeling lost for a while? Or, have you been, almost, wandering aimlessly, not knowing exactly where you're meant to be going or what your destination is? Have you felt a bit lost in life?

Well this card is bringing an end to this. This card is heralding good news. The sense of feeling lost is coming to an end.

There are a few symbols I want to pick out on this card. The first symbol I want to pick out is all of these beautiful shooting stars going through the sky. Shooting stars are special stars. They're not really stars but they are very special and what they tell us, and what they herald, is that there are big changes coming; that something is coming to an end.

So, if you have felt that you've been a little bit lost in life and you've been wandering and not sure where you're going. Maybe you're looking too much outside of yourself for direction. This is all going to come to an end. The angels are drawing a line in the sand, through the shooting stars, and they're saying, "no more, lovely soul" - we need to stop this, we need to bring this to an end.

The other thing I see in the night sky is this crescent moon and it's actually a waning moon - the moon is getting smaller and smaller. And a waning moon tells us it's time to declutter, it's time to clear out, it's time to purge, it's time to let go of anything or anybody in our life that is not serving us. It doesn't mean to say you have to let somebody go forever; "I'm no longer going to be in communication with you". That's not what it means. In certain areas of your life, maybe you have depended on somebody too much. Maybe, whatever area of your life that you feel lost in, you've been turning too much to somebody for guidance, you've been leaning too much on somebody. Now you need to cut cords and release that person. Because now is the time to start looking inwards.

You already have all the answers. Inside of you, you already have all the answers.

And I find it interesting that the crescent is being reflected in her necklace. It's round her throat chakra and the throat chakra is all about communication and expressing your feelings and speaking out. So, now's the time, in a loving way, to cut cords with anybody who hasn't been serving your best interests. Or, maybe you've been leaning on them too much. You need to let them go.

Now is the time for big changes because you do have all the answers inside.

The other thing I want to highlight on this card is the map. What does a map tell us? Why would you turn to a map? Whenever you need a map, you're looking for directions, you're looking for guidance. You have that direction and guidance inside yourself. The angels are stressing this in all the symbols on this card. There's no need to look outside yourself anymore. You have all the answers.

When you look inside yourself to your internal map, you will start to get an idea of where you are, where you're going, who you are, and who you are meant to be. You'll start to get a feel for where your life is traveling to.

So stop looking beyond yourself. Stop trustng those around you. Nobody knows you better that you do. It's time to trust your inner knowing. It's time to trust your inner self. It's time to listen to that little voice in your head that knows what you shoud be doing, that knows where you should be going, and is desperately trying to guide you with the help and support of the angels.

The final thing I want to highlightis- her earring and, caught in her hair, little feathers. Feathers are the angels. Our angels and loved ones show us feathers when they're with us. The feathers here are saying to us, the angels are with you. Let the angels support you and walk alongside you because the angels know you really well, just like your own spiritual self - you know yourself really well.

This card is very much about bringing to an end, let's draw the line in the sand and bring to an end, the dependence you have had on other people and other things to guide your way, because they're not doing the best job for you. As a result, you may have felt lost at sea because they have been navigating for you. Or things outside of you have been driving your path. However, the answers are all within you. And the angels will support and guide you as you find those answers and walk your path. They will light up the sky and guide you through the stars, through the moon.

But be sure, with the shooting stars, this has to come to an end. It's time to become brave, it's time to be courageous, it's time to trust yourself and the angels.

No more wandering through life with no set path or not knowing where you're going. Let's take control. Let's change this story. Let's look inside. Because inside, whenever we check with our knowledge and our wisdom from deep within, we know where we're meant to be going and we know who we are in this world.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Believe In Your Own Magic Oracle Deck by Amanda Lovelace, artwork by Janaina Medeiros

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