angel card reading

Hello, hello lovely soul...

... and welcome to the second step in working with me, the angels and your spirit team. Together we shall bring loving guidance and advice into your life so that you can begin to create a life that is filled with blessings and abundance, a life where your light shines brightly and proudly like a beacon, and a life where you know you're following your soul's purpose and walking your life's true path.

Please note: If you haven't worked with the angels and myself before (but would like to) and have accidentally found yourself on this page, then please click here to head back to the first step in working with me, the angels and your spirit team.

This second step is where we 'meet' each other via video-link in the form of a free-flowing live 30-minute angel card reading.

In the first step, your free 1-question remote reading, you got you a feel for how I work with the angels and conduct angel card readings, and you got a taste of the type of advice and guidance the angels and your spirit team wish you to receive, once you ask them to become involved in your life.

This second step takes things further as we begin to dive deeper into areas where you could really do with some Divine guidance. This step is more interactive, allowing us to explore more than one question/area where you're struggling or feeling out of alignment, so you can receive practical and loving guidance that you can implement into your life to start to attract the results you want.

In this second step, we shall spend 30-minutes together, live, via video. This will introduce you to the free-flowing nature of my sessions where we talk through an area of your life, in which you wish guidance, and then turn to the angels for that guidance.

Your session shall take place on Zoom (a live online conferencing platform) - you shall receive the link details upon confirmation. It shall, also, be recorded for you so you can watch it again after. I know, from my personal experience, that I can never retain all the information given to me in a live online meeting and I don't want you distracted by having to take notes. I simply want you to embrace and enjoy this beautiful experience.

To book your reading, simply click the button below.

I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Viv xx