3 letters that can invoke great emotion and insight

How often do you ask yourself: Why?

How often do you look inward, sit quietly, and dive deep into your soul to search out the true reason "why" you did something, "why" you said something, "why" you chose something?

This card has presented itself to us today as a challenge. Its presence invites us to embark on some soul searching, to tune into the voice of our intuition, to honour and listen to the truth that lies within our heart.

The central picture of this card looks, to me, like a fairy-like figure leaning over to open a book from which span great wings. Shining on the fairy-like figure is a bright golden light, possibly the sun's rays.  The colours orange and purple feel pertinent to me.

Let's focus on the fairy-like figure first. I feel this is representative of you. We can see that the figure seems to be almost tip-toeing to the book, tentatively reaching out to it without fully committing to hold it. Is it because of a fear of what may be found inside? Is it because the book might suddenly fly off? How do you feel about how the fairy-like figure is behaving? How you feel tells you how you feel about digging deep to uncover your "why" in all your choices and decisions.

For me the book feels like a book of wisdom, a book of knowledge. When we open it up it's like looking into a record of our soul and an explanation and understanding of why we made all the choices and decisions we did, why we said the things we said and thought the things we thought.

How much do you want to understand the "why" behind your choices? What benefit or, indeed, challenge will that discovery bring?

This card is challenging us, no it's "inviting" us, to really look into the "why"s behind each and every choice we made and make.

When we see feathers on a card, it tells us that the angels are with us, supporting us. When we see wings, as we do here on the book, it tells us that the angels have heard us and will help us, so keep talking and asking for their support and guidance. It's by no means a coincidence that the wings are attached to a book of insight, wisdom or knowledge. Sometimes it's not easy to look deep within and determine why we did, said or thought something because all too often our decisions and choices are driven from fear, rather than made from a place of pure love, so the wings are here as a kind of reassurance, demonstrating the support of the angels who will stay by our side as we uncover our truths.

The wings also bring an element of flight with them as they are open and outspread. And I feel that this has a meaning in it as well that should be shared. Whilst the wings represent the angelic presence, they are open and I feel they could flap and fly away, carrying the book with them, at any time. It's not that this is designed to bring an element of fear: "seize this opportunity or lose it". Rather I feel that you're being invited to dig deep, release the courage within you, open the book and embrace what is revealed inside. If you choose not to, the book will fly away, to return when you are ready. But why waste this amazing and insightful opportunity?

Shining down on the fairy-like figure is a golden light like the rays of the sun. Gold is the colour of prosperity and success and the sun's rays represent illumination and inspiration. This is saying to me that when you look inward and uncover the "why" of your choices and decisions, it shall illuminate where (and why) your "why" has arisen, it will let you process if your "why" has been for your highest good and has served you well, it will inspire you to make more informed and true-to-yourself decisions and choices going forward. When you make decisions and choices that truly represent your authentic self, stay true to your beliefs and ethics, they will guide you to prosperity and success because they are choices and decisions that light up your soul and encourage you to walk your life path with purpose and joy.

I also mentioned the colours of purple and orange.

Purple is the colour of angelic connection and orange is the colour of spiritual growth. The presence of purple here, just like the presence of the wings, is telling us that the angels are with us and want to connect with us so they can guide and support us. Invite them into your life to guide, support and help you.

Orange is the colour of spiritual growth. It has a strong presence here and I feel it's relevance is connected to determining your many "why"s. When you determine your "why"s, when you make new decisions and choices (perhaps changing former decisions and choices which no longer feel authentic now you've uncovered their "why") you start along the path of making honest and true decisions and choices which represent your true authentic self. And when you walk the path of your true authentic self, you walk the path that leads you closer to your soul. And when your soul is allowed to shine brightly, you will grow spiritually, and closer to the all-one energy that created your soul.

There is great power in knowing and understanding the "why" that lies behind each choice and decision you've made and make. Knowing and understanding your "why" brings with it growth, enlightenment and fulfilment. When you are clear about your "why" in each situation, your "why", your intention, will act like a magnet attracting that which your intention desires.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Wisdom Of The Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia

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