wise leader

"You are a beacon for others"

When I receive a new deck of oracle cards, I bless and welcome each and every card in that deck.

And so was the case with this deck of beautiful cards.

However... I do not recall ever seeing this card in the deck. And this makes the message super poignant, I feel, today. Because it's a card that I have never drawn before.

You tend to find in a deck there are cards that you draw most and then there are a couple that never, or rarely, pop out. This card jumped out for us this morning and as it is one I have never drawn before, I feel the angels are asking us to sit up and listen.

The primary and most prominent symbol on the card is that of a woman, who appears to be dressed as a warrior with a spear in one hand and a torch in the other.

When a woman appears on a card it represents you, if you are a woman, or the feminine role in the situation. The spear she carries represents power and authority whilst the torch represents leading, guiding, inspiring, shining the light for others.

In the background is a purple-coloured mountain with white snow on its summit. Often we see mountains as obstacles when in fact they are an invitation to conquer our challenges. If the mountain and opportunity that lies before you initially seems insurmountable, and you feel you cannot climb up and over it, then relook at the situation. For although the journey may be a bit longer, it is always possible to walk around the mountain. So don't be put off by any challenges that you feel are in front of you. Look at them as a warrior would look at them. They should not stop you in your tracks. You will find a way over or around them.

Purple represents the angels or angelic connection whereas white represents Source/God/The Universe/The Divine. So I feel that you may be sensing a challenge with regards your spirituality at the moment. Have you fully stepped out of the spiritual closet?

The final symbol I want to focus on is one that could very easily be missed because it is darker in colour. But my eyes keep being drawn to it so I feel it's important to talk about. And the symbol is that of the grey shadows/people in the background, behind the warrior woman. Grey is the colour of comfort and I feel that by taking the lead you are giving those around you comfort. They'll be happy to follow. Also, they are in darkness because the light (or knowledge, inspiration and understanding) has not reached them yet. You carry the light so you can light their way and lead them.

Through this powerful card, the angels are inviting you to step up and take the lead. Don't wait for others as you may wait forever or their direction may not be the right direction for you. So take the lead and let others follow the light you shine before them. The angels are advising you that you already have within you the inspiration and wisdom that will influence and motivate those around you. Even if you're unsure or unaware of the wisdom that lies within you, the angels are encouraging you to step forward and take the lead, shine the light for others to follow. You are ready, even if you doubt yourself. The angels are assuring you, you are ready.

The title of the card is "wise leader", not just "leader". You not only lead but you do so with care, through enlightenment, with knowledge and experience. You shall build a path on which others will walk and follow. A wise leader also listens to their heart and their intuition. They do not lead by appeasing others as that can be to their detriment; they lead (and live) without regret.

It doesn't matter how many people you lead or how few, it's your time to step up and take the lead. Whether at home in your family, at work, or through your passion. Shine your light brightly, set the path, and others shall step out of the darkness and into the light to follow you.

I feel this card sways very much towards leading with regards to spirituality (I can't get the purple colour of the mountains out of my mind). More and more souls are awakening and are looking for someone who can guide them. Someone who shines brightly with a light of love, who will neither judge nor condemn, but will guide with strength, courage and love, guiding those near them "out of the darkness". Now is not the time to heed the demands of those around you who are walking a path that does not bring you comfort or does not feel right to you. Now is the time to shine your light, to follow what lights you up, to believe with all your heart. And in doing so others will follow in your path.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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