you are safe

Archangel Michael: "I am protecting you against lower energies, and guarding you, your loved ones, and home."

Archangel Michael is deemed the leader of the archangels and all all angelic beings. His name means "He who is like God".

He is here to walk with you step by step in your life, as a protector, as a guide and, ultimately, as your friend, when you invite him to do so.

There are two extremes in life; the extreme of love and the extreme of fear. All other emotions fall under those two categories. If an emotion, an experience, a situation, a feeling is not love-based, the easier of the two emotions to determine, then it will always be fear-based.

And Archangel Michael is here to protect us from fear and shield us within a bubble of love.

"You are safe" when you invite Archangel Michael's energy into your life because, with his mighty sword, he can instantly cut through any cords that may be holding you back, pulling you down, or preventing you from walking your light and soul path.

When you know that the energy that is Michael is walking by your side, you can let go of all worries and concerns and any other lower energies that may be surrounding you, that may be trapped inside your head, that may be eating away at you and replace them with loving experiences, thoughts and emotions.

Archangel Michael also brings with him courage; courage to stand up for yourself, courage to be who you truly and authentically are, regardless of whomever may disagree or not understand your life choices.

So call upon Archangel Michael whenever you feel fear creeping into your life, whenever you feel challenged, whenever low energies enter your energy field. And in an instant Michael can clear your energy, with his mighty sword, of anything that is not benefitting you or serving you.

In the picture, Archangel Michael is depicted as a warrior of great strength. His wings are huge! something that brings great comfort because when his wings of love are wrapped around you, you cannot not feel safe and protected. In one hand he holds his might sword and in the other a shield. With the sword he can easily and instantly cut away anything that is not serving you or benefitting you. With his shield he can protect and shield you in love.

He is standing on what appears to be a narrow flat, straight golden pathway that travels through a sky filled with golden clouds.

Gold is the colour of prosperity and success. This tells us that through walking a path of love, free from fear, we shall achieve great success and prosperity. Because when you see only love, when you only choose love, your light shines brightly, your true authentic self shines through and you follow your soul path which brings success and prosperity on many levels.

The path is flat and straight, there are no twists and turns, there are no bumps along it. Twists and turns are created by fear, fear of what's round the next corner, fear of the unknown. Bumps are also created by fear, such as self-doubt, limiting beliefs. When you walk, free from fear and immersed in love, your faith, your trust in what lies ahead is unwavering. You know the Universe has your back, you know that you have nothing to fear. There is nothing you cannot do, nothing you cannot achieve. However the path is also narrow. It's not always easy to step forward day after day in trust, with no fear. So there are times when we may lose our balance or, indeed, fall off. But at those times, we just ask Archangel Michael to pick us back up and palce us back on our path.

Clouds represent higher thinking. Since childhood we have been immersed with fear: "Don't touch that, you'll get burned", "Watch you don't fall and hurt yourself". "Don't speak to strangers". Fear is what we know, fear is what we recognise, fear is what we live. The majority of our choices and decisions in life are driven by fear. So to live a life immersed in love when all we have ever known or be taught is fear, means living life from a higher way of thinking, a way of thinking that does not come naturally to us.

Your are safe, however. You only need to trust and have faith that the Universe is here for you, loving you and supporting you. It's not out to get you. It doesn't make life difficult for you. But that faith, that trust takes courage. So, invite Archangel Michael to support you, to guide you, to protect you from fear and gradually, day by day, live a life that is immersed in love.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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