you know what to do

Archangel Uriel: Trust your inner knowledge, and act upon it without delay


This is one of those cards that doesn't mess around. It clearly and openly gives you the exact message you need to hear right here, right now: "You know what to do".

Can it be any clearer?

And yet, I can guarantee that the message is much "easier said than done" because our human, questioning, logical and analytical mind always seems to get in the way of our gentle, intelligent, natural intuition.

So are you sitting there thinking to yourself "I should know what to do, about what?" or "I'm really not sure I know exactly what I need to do next"? Then I would invite you to sit quietly for a few moments, focus on your breathing, taking deep yet gentle revitalising breaths, and see what comes into your mind first. Either it will be a situation or area in your life and that's the area you're being invited to focus on. Or, you'll receive an image, words, idea, thoughts about the next step you need to take in a given situation.

AA Uriel is not here today to encourage you to turn to him for advice and guidance in every situation. Sure, he's more than happy to step in and illuminate your path. However, his presence here is to remind you that you already know, intuitively, what you need to do; that you are far wiser than you give yourself credit for, that your inner knowledge and wisdom has already provided you with the answers and direction you seek.

But the ego, the logical mind, more often than not, gets in the way until you've grown to be more in tune with your intuition, and find that you can trust your intuition. It's when the ego and logical mind gets involved and jumbles up the messages and information, causing you to doubt yourself, that AA Uriel is stepping forward and offering to step in to help illuminate your way, should you invite him to do so.

And that's important.

AA Uriel is willing to step in and guide you but only when you invite him to do so. Like all angels and archangels, AA Uriel cannot step into our lives without invitation as he is governed by the Universal Law of Free Will which states that we (you and I) are here to enjoy our own human experience without intervention from any higher energy or being, unless we choose to invite them in to support and guide us.

So, if you're living your life according to your ego and logical mind, if you're veering from your true life path as a result, AA Uriel, with all the love in the world, cannot step in and intervene without your invitation (unless you are creating a perilous and life-threatening situation for yourself). So, when you find times when you doubt your intuition or can't determine what next steps your intuition is guiding you towards (and we all experience that), then simply say "AA Uriel, please step into this situation with your guiding light and illuminate the next step for me".

Uriel's name means "God's Light" and he is the angel of light. He is here to light your path, step by step, in any situation. As we can see on the card, he is carrying a candle-lit lamp. Candlelight will illuminate the immediate area, but it won't shine a strong and bright light beyond that, and that's exactly why we see AA Uriel carrying a candle-lit lamp. As I mentioned before when we turn to him for guidance, he will shine a light on our next step; he will not shine a beacon of light on the whole journey ahead. It really is a matter of taking one step at a time.

The other symbols and colours on this card that stand out for me are the colours: yellow, light blue and dark blue and, also, AA Uriel's eyes. Let's look at the colours first.

Yellow is the colour of positivity, self-belief and optimism. And this is an underlying message with AA Uriel. He's reminding us to have faith in our own wisdom and intuition, to remain positive and optimistic that our intuition is guiding us safely for our highest good, when we listen to it. When you surrender to the guidance of your intuition, you'll walk a path of self-belief and inner knowing.

Light blue is the colour of harmony and dark blue the colour of strength. Again, I feel these colours point to our inner wisdom, intuition and higher self. There is great strength in our intuition. It will always guide us along a path that is for our highest good. Even if, at times, we may not like what our intuition seems to be guiding us towards, it is for our highest good and for our safety, so adhere and listen to its wisdom. When you listen to your intuition, when you let it guide you without question, doubt or fear, it will bring harmony into your life. It's when our ego, logical mind comes into play leading us astray and doubting the safety and guidance of our inner wisdom, that our life can become unbalanced and inharmonious, that we can veer from our life's true path.

AA Uriel's eyes have really captured me. Not only is there a beautiful gentleness radiating from them, but they're also very focused. And I feel that that encapsulates AA Uriel when we turn to him for guidance. His guidance will be laser-focused guiding us one step at a time without the need to see the bigger picture or to determine what the ultimate destination will be. When we ask for AA Uriel's support and guidance, we are being asked to trust that he will guide us one step at a time.

First and foremost, AA Uriel is here to remind us that we know much more than we realise, that we have an inner wisdom that will guide us along our true life's path, that the answers we are seeking are within us. However, we are human and our ego and logical mind will and does step in and create doubt, confusion and remove clarity and vision. It's at times like this that AA Uriel is encouraging us to invite him into the situation to guide and support us, lighting up each step one at a time.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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