angel card readings

We are all here, each and every one of us, for a purpose and to walk our soul path. However, often we don't know what our path is and, when we begin walking our path, we don't always know how to navigate the obstacles along the way. I can help and guide you along your soul path, and navigate your way round the obstacles, with guidance from the angels through angel cards.

An angel card reading is a gentle and loving hug from our angels.

The angels give us messages of guidance, direction and support. Their message is always gentle and positive because the angels are surrounded by positivity and high vibrations.

If you are at a crossroads in your life and are undecided as to which path to take, the angels can help guide you. If you're faced with an opportunity but aren't sure if what you feel in your gut is right or the best option, the angels can help nudge you in the best direction. If you just need some reassurance and comfort, the angels are here for you.

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what others say

"... I had an awesome oracle card reading with Viv yesterday and she has such a depth of understanding and intuition combined with a wonderful down-to-earth-spirit and a warmth that feels like s gentle hug throughout."

~ Brigid, Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviourist at Denktier

"... Viv is an amazingly compassionate woman who lifts your spirit with her readings and puts a big smile on your face."

~ Gökçe

"... Viv has this incredible way about her, she is gentle and soft, and has this lovely, soothing voice. And she explained everything to me clearly as I'm a complete novice. So I didn't feel like an idiot but safe and supported."

~ Sophie Le Brozec, Founder of Life Reboot Camp

Your Angel Card Reading

Depending on where you are on your journey, working with the angels and me, an angel card reading will last approximately 15 minutes for a recorded remote reading (step 1) or either 30- or 90- minutes for a live video-link reading (steps 2 & 3 respectively).

During our session together you may ask for guidance in any area of your life - money, business, career, relationship, health etc. The interpreted message from the angel cards shall help you move forward in that area with positivity and confidence, the cards and messages acting like a gentle nudge from your loving and suppotive angels.

Remote recorded readings (step 1) shall be sent direct to your inbox via WeTransfer within 2 working days. Live video-link angel card readings (steps 2 & 3)are available via Zoom on weekdays from 10am to 4pm CET.

To find out more and book your angel card reading, and how we, and the angels, can work together to better guide you along your soul path, click the button below.