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Within the Beauty Box you'll discover a plethora of positive affirmations and self-love desktop-wallpapers, and articles through which I share my top tips on a whole variety of skincare areas. And, what's more, you have access to the beauty box for as long as you wish so you can keep coming back in again and again and again (just make sure you bookmark this page in your favourites).

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beauty affirmation wallpapers

With the media focusing on unachievable perfections ("you have to be super skinny", "cellulite is a no-no", "don't age, gracefully or otherwise"...) and with many skincare brands lasering in on our insecurities ( “you should look younger”, “only pretty women should use this”, “turn back the clock on your wrinkles”...), is it any wonder we can't see our natural beauty?

And that seriously bugs me! Each and every one of us is truly beautiful, naturally. We may not have the cellulite-free-photo-shopped body or the wrinkle-free-photo-shopped face, but we have so much more - true, natural beauty as Mother Nature intended. We just have to learn to recognise and celebrate our femininity and sensuality.

And that's why I have created a series of downloadable wallpapers for your desktop - affirmations and reminders that you truly on naturally beautiful.

top tips

Have you ever searched for information about something on the internet and are met with conflicting advice? Some people recommend using an ingredient to hydrate your skin whilst others tell you to avoid it on certain areas. I know I have and it can get overwhelming at times, not knowing what to do for the best. All we want is to keep our skin healthy... how complicated can that be? Right?

 I know how hard it can be to separate the helpful tips from the, well, not-so-helpful tips and that's why I've created this section in the beauty box. Inside it you will find a whole host of articles with top tips and other handy pieces of advice for you to try, ranging from top tips for treating adult acne, to top tips for healthy skin each and every season, and even top tips to help slow down the appearance of wrinkles; a collection of articles that I hope you'll find genuinely helpful.