inspiration, creativity, transformation, rebirth


For us to get a really good feeling for this card, we need to understand who Cerridwen is because, after all, she is the central figure.

Cerridwen is considered to be a Welsh goddess with the ability to shift-change. So she's like a shape-shifter, she can change her form.

She had a cauldron, known as Awen, where she created a brew to make her youngest, ugly and, possibly, deformed son, by the name of Afagddu, whose name means "utter darkness". She created a brew in her cauldron in order to make him the wisest and most inspirational bard that she could ever think of.

However, things didn't quite go to plan.

She had a couple of servants and one of the servants, Gwyon, spilt a little bit of the brew on his fingertips and his fingers got burned. So he put his fingers in his mouth to lick the brew off and to neutralise the burning on his fingers. But in so doing, he actually stole the spell that Cerridwen was making for her youngest son. And he (Gwyon) became a really wise bard. So Cerridwen wanted revenge, she wanted to kill him because he had stolen the spell, that she had made for her son.

In order for him to get away from her, Gwyon would shape-shift. So they both shape-shifted into different animals. For example, he became a hare, she became a greyhound. And finally, after a few shape-shifts, he became a grain of seed, she became a hen and she swallowed him up, becoming pregnant and eventually givig birth to a gifted son who actually was the reincarnation of the servant Gwyon, who could remember everything about his previous life.

What does this, and what does this card, tell us about inspiration, creativity, transformation, and rebirth?

It's saying to us to be prepared to transform at any time like Gwyon where the brew dropped on his fingertips and he transformed by licking the brew off. But he wasn't ready to transform. He tried to run away from it. The angels are saying, be prepared to transform at any stage in your life. Don't run away from it. Because if you run away from it, somebody else will get it.

I remember hearing a story where somebody said there's a book inside everyone. And it's a little drop of inspiration inside of you to bring out a book. If you feel inspired to bring out a book but you procrastinate, you find reasons not to do it, you run away from the idea, that idea of the book is not yours, it will move on to somebody else. And somebody else won't procrastinate, they won't run away from the idea, they'll bring out a book that was actually your idea, first. You never told them about the book, the idea just transferred to somebody else.

So the angels are saying, be prepared for transformation. It may come as inspiration to become more creative in your life. And the angels want you to follow that. They want you to pursue that.

They're saying, Winter is not going to last forever. Whenever you transform yourself, you become a better version of you, you become the best version of you. And you should always be wanting to be inspired to create a better version of you, to transform into that better version, to be rebirthed, so that you don't spend your whole life in Winter.

If we look at Cerridwen's face on the card, when she's over the cauldron making her brew, she's really concentrating, she's really determined. Transformation doesn't happen overnight. It takes effort, it takes a willingness to change, it takes determination, it takes knowledge, it takes, perhaps, studying something new. Perhaps you're in a job that no longer lights you up. Why are you staying in that job? Learn something new so that you can do something that transforms you into this amazing person who shines their light.

Because whenever you do listen to the inspiration and take it on board, and the creativity, in order to transform, it's like the sun is rising in the sky. The darkness of the sky starts to disappear as the sun begins to rise upwards. And you begin to shine your light. You begin to embrace life. Suddenly things will start to become like Springtime again, you'll start to notice new things in your life, you'll start to enjoy every day of your life. But now is the time to really work and cast that spell so that you can transform to the best version of you.

Our life is a journey. It's a path that we walk along. We should never stay the same person. If you look back, you should be a different person to who you were 10 years ago, you should be a different person to who you were 5 years ago, 1 year ago. You should always be growing, always transforming, always becoming a better version of you. Shining your light so brightly for the world to see.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Mists of Avalon Oracle Deck by Rose Inserra, illustrated by Nadia Turner


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