do you live in a bubble?

I do. And I highly encourage you to too.

Often when someone says "you're living in your own bubble", it carries a negative connotation. Because that phrase tends to imply you go through life oblivious to what's happening around you. It's almost like you live in a constant daydream state. And, well, that's not very responsible, is it?

But what I mean when I ask you if you live in a bubble and, indeed, when I encourage you to do so, is quite the opposite.

When you live in the type of bubble that I'm referring to you're very much in tune with everything that's happening around you. And it's because of this awareness of yourself and everything else, that you consciously choose to live in a bubble.

The type of bubble I'm talking about is an energetic bubble. A bubble that's a bit like a force-field. It surrounds your body and your energy field (aura) to ensure you are not affected or impacted by negative unwanted energy.

If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) or empath, like me, you'll notice subtle changes in energy. For example you may walk into a room and feel the heaviness associated with a disagreement. You may meet up with a friend and instinctively feel that something's wrong.

And if you notice and feel changes in energy like this, I guarantee, you are being spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally affected by energies because you and your energy field will be absorbing all sorts of energy, both high and low, both positive and negative.

Let me ask you this so you get an idea what I'm talking about. Are there any friends, acquaintances, or family members in your life that after you spend some time with them chatting on the phone or in person, you walk away feeling happy, joyous and full of energy, like there's nothing you cannot do and cannot achieve?

And what about friends, acquaintances and family that have the opposite effect on you? After you've spent time with them you walk away feeling heavy and exhausted, sometimes even angry and frustrated?

If you can relate to either or both of these scenarios then I can tell you that you've been affected by that other person's energy. Even if you have never noticed this before, the knowledge that you now have that another's energy can impact yours might just heighten your awareness and you'll notice/feel it happening to you in the future.

Having someone impact your energy with their energy isn't always a negative thing. As I mentioned above, some people can leave you feeling amazing after you've spent time in their company.

But here's the thing.

You can never always know in advance whether another person's energy will have a positive or negative impact on your own energy. And what about people you meet on the street? Strangers? Even if you don't spend time in someone's company, they can impact your energy.

So why not play it safe? Why not ensure that your energy stays protected all the time?

And that's where I invite you to live in a bubble, your bubble. Because it means that all positive and high vibrational energy is free to enter your bubble as it makes you feel good and raises your vibration. But low vibrational and negative energy won't impact you, it won't drag you down.

Sounds like a great idea?

What's more, it's super easy to live in a bubble and ensure that you are in control of your energy and vibration, and not anyone else.

All you need to do is:

  • close your eyes and stand tall
  • take a few deep breaths, breathing in through your nose expanding your stomach outwards, and out through your mouth allowing your stomach to push all the air out
  • imagine lovely roots growing out of the soles of your feet and down into the centre of Mother Earth
  • as the roots hold you strong and steadfast, imagine a bubble surrounding you and your aura
  • the bubble can be filled with any colour, whichever colour pops into your mind first
  • keeping your eyes closed, repeat the following affirmation out loud: "Today and all day, I surround myself in a bubble of light. Only high vibrational and positive energy may enter into my bubble"
  • open your eyes and enjoy your day in the knowledge that your energy is safe and protected
  • repeat this ritual every morning

If you're an HSP and/or empath like me, this is like a lifeline. No longer will you return home after a night out or after spending time with someone, feeling tired and drained by their energy.

Viv xx