emergency 'blast' session

An emergency 'blast' session is a short 30-minute free-flowing angel card reading, designed for those times when you reach a sudden roadblock or crossroads, and you would really benefit from direction, guidance and support from the angels and your spirit team, right here, right now.

It's designed to cover one area of your life where an obstacle has suddenly appeared out of the blue and you're struggling to find your way around or over it. You've already invested some time looking within and seeking guidance on your own but your monkey mind is simply too busy chirping and desperately trying to keep you safe, that you simply can't hear the more gentle voice of your higher self and intution.

An emergency 'blast' session is designed for those times when you know you need to make a decision so you can move forwards but can't see the wood for the trees and know that, through me, you shall receive the guidance and support you need from the angels and your spirit team, guidance and support that you can't seem to 'hear' on your own.

It is designed for those times when you need advice and guidance but don't have time to wait for a regular 1-1 spiritual guidance session.

Through your emergency 'blast' session any negative energy and feelings, such as panic or despair, will be alleviated, thanks to the loving advice and guidance offered to you by the angels and your spirit team. The fog and inability to see/move forwards will be lifted through the loving advice and guidance the angels and your spirit team pass onto you, through me, and you shall leave your session with ideas and suggestions on how best to move forward.

Your 'blast' session will last 30 minutes and attracts an investment of £50.05

You shall receive a recording of your session which you can download and keep as I appreciate, when you're in a headspace where things feel foggy and confused, you won't retain every piece of advice and guidance that is passed onto you during your session.

To book your session, simply click the button below. This will take you to my calendar, where you can choose a date/time that suits you best, and to the payment section (all major debit and credit cards are accepted).

Once you're booked you'll be directed to a page which will explain what happens next and will guide you through the process leading up to your emergency 'blast' session. If at any stage or at any time you have any questions, queries  or concerns, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I'm only too happy to help. Please also, in the interim, make yourself familiar with my Cancellation Policy.

Viv xx