flying free

I unfurl my wings and fly!

If you've been following me for a while you may have seen this card before because this was one of the first cards I interpreted for our weekly group reading.

So why interpret it again? Won't it be the same message?

Well... no.

I have checked in with the angels and they have confirmed (they're pretty adamant, actually) that this is the card to be interpreted today and it's the only card to be interpreted today. What is different from last time is that this is going to be a written interpretation and I'll only focus on the symbols/colours that really shine through and catch my eye, this time. I haven't and won't be watching the video I created last time as today's message is for today. It shouldn't be a carbon-copy of the last time this card popped out.

And I think that, in itself, is an important message.

When I give card readings, the same card can come out for different people. Does that mean they all get the same message? Absolutely not. Because each message is unique; the message the angels want each person to receive is unique.

So I feel that, whilst the angels know that the group message for today is important to be shared with you, they also want to show you that the same card can have a very different interpretation every time it's drawn from the deck. If you want to see for yourself how different today's interpretation is to the last time, then you can click here. But, please... only do so after you've read today's interpretation. Because today's interpreation is relevant for the present moment.

So let's get started.

What's standing out for me this time are actually the less dominant symbols. So the birds flying in the background, the whispy clouds covering some mountains and leaving other mountains in full view, the shape of the tide as it touches the sand. Those are the symbols my eyes are drawn to today.

We talk about taking a bird's eye view on things. And to do so we need to step back and look at things from a higher perspective, as if we're a bird flying in the sky. When you look at things from a higher perspective, you don't focus on every single minute detail or the nitty-gritty. Rather you focus on the bigger picture. And that, I feel, is a really important message for us today.

The angels are inviting us to not get so bogged down in the detail but to look at the bigger picture. What do you want to achieve, who do you want to be, what do you want to do with your life? What's your bigger picture? Once you get a handle on the bigger picture, once you can see into the distance and determine where you want to end up, then you're flying free. Then you're not losing your way because you're so caught up in the detail.

But that also requires trust. And all too often we get bogged down in the detail because it removes our focus from the bigger picture because the bigger picture can, often, be frightening. But when you see the bigger picture, that's when you can invite the angels into your life to guide and support you. As I say all the time to people I give readings for, the angels are not here to make decisions for you. You are here to enjoy your human experience. So the angels can't tell you what you should or should not do. But when you make your choices and decisions, then the angels can come in and support and guide you, if and when you invite them to.

The next symbol that caught my eye was the whispy clouds. I've seen the clouds in this card before but never before have I considered, or seen, that some clouds are covering the mountains fully whilst others are teetering at the base of the mountains only.

In angel cards, mountains are challenges. Often when we're faced with a mountain we consider it to be an insurmountable obstacle. However in angel cards they are merely challenges. Challenges that you can choose to climb over or walk round. In this card we can't see all the mountains/challenges that stand before us and that's a good thing. If we were to look out and see a whole mountain-range standing in our path we might freeze and be unable to take the first steps forward along our path. There are challenges that we can see ahead of us but there will also see challenges that will only reveal themselves as we travel on our journey.

What's important to remember is that we have the ability to overcome any challenge that is on our path. Nothing is insurmountable. Nor do we need to know and/or see, today, every single challenge that will come our way. As we travel our path the challenges and mountains that present themselves we can climb over or walk round. If we see every challenge too early, before we have grown, before we have walked further along our path, then we may never be able to continue our journey. So to not see every single challenge that will lie before us is a good thing.

The final symbol that struck me was the shape of the tide as it touched the sand. The tide is ebbing and flowing. It does not stand stagnant in a straight line on the sand. Water, sea, tide... it all represents emotions in angel cards, emotions that can lead to change. As we walk our path and travel our journey we will experience a range of emotions. We'll have good days and good experiences, and others that challenge and test us. But like the tide, emotions come and go. So when you're having a bad day or struggling with something, find contentment in the knowledge that it won't last forever. The tides will change.

On this card we're also seeing the water and the tide from a higher perspective, high in the sky. So it gives us even greater perspective that emotions come in and they go out, and it's all natural.

This card is all about flying free. To fly free you need to step back from the detail and view (and admire) the bigger picture. By doing so you'll see some challenges that are on your path, but not all. You'll see that there will be good days and challenging days but emotions are always changing; what you struggle with today will be something in the past tomorrow. Flying free gives you the confidence to keep moving forward.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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