it's not just faith

I read a post from a friend on Facebook recently. She was asking what she could do to help the people of Afghanistan.

It was something I had been pondering that very same day as, no doubt, have many others.

When places beyond our physical reach fall into crisis we often feel helpless and hopeless. Apart from donating to charities designed to send aid to such places, what more can we do to help?

I have a simple yet powerful suggestion for you. And that is to consciously and regularly take some time away from your busy schedule to focus on sending out the energy of love to the beautiful people of the place or country currently being hurt.

And this does not only apply to Afghanistan.

At this moment in time, as I write this blogpost, Afghanistan is headlining the news. But what about the people of Haiti who have just experienced a devastating earthquake? What about the people of Myanmar who are dying because Covid help and medication cannot reach them due to the country's coup? What about other people and countries we do not hear about because news is not shared freely to the wider world?

It's amazing what the vibration of love can do.

If everyone were to take just 5minutes and send love to the beautiful poeple in those beautiful countries who need it, it would raise its vibration in the same, yet opposite way to the terror, hate, and fear that is currently on the rise there.

When I made this suggestion, my friend responded simply with "I wish I had your faith". But here's the thing. It's not just a matter of faith (which I am choosing to translate as 'trust' rather than any kind of religious faith), it's a matter of science. It's the science of energy.

Let me explain.

Emotions are energy. And all energy has a vibrational frequency. Negative emotions such as terror, fear, hatred have a low and heavy frequency. Emotions such as love, joy, happiness have higher vibrations.

If we use Afghanistan as our example, at the moment the people of that country are experiencing sheer and utter terror. When people around the world watch the news and see what's happening, their emotions tend towards fear, pain, anger. However, those are low and heavy emotional vibrationas also. So, sadly, when we feel and express these lower vibrational emotions of fear, pain and anger, which are natural empathic emotions, we are basically adding fuel to the fire. Plain and simply when we experience those emotions we're not helping the situation, rather we are adding to it.

If, however, people all over the world were to focus on the emotion of love, a high vibrational energy, and send that emotion out into the ether, they would actually help raise the vibration within the country and over-ride the heavy emotions that are currently present, simply by replacing them with higher more positive energy and vibrations, emotions of love.

Each of us has a part we can play and that's simply by taking time out each day and sending love to Afghanistan and its beautiful people. And if we, as a collective, consciously direct our energy and create a high vibration towards Afghanistan, we shall make a difference. The low vibrational energies of terror, fear, anger, hatred that are devouring that country, shall be replaced by the higher vibrational energy of love.

To put this into context so you can appreciate the power of energy and its vibration, it's a much larger scale of what many people experience when they spend time with someone who is feeling low emotions or someone who's feeling high emotions. When you spend time in that person's company your own vibrational energy will change to reflect that other person's vibrational energy. So if you've been in the company of someone who's uplifting, you'll walk away feeling uplifted, for example.

Whilst I started this blogpost by saying that I'd be sharing a simple yet powerful suggestion, many people will still struggle to take on and act on this suggestion, even though it invites you to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule.


Because it's ingrained in us that to help we must do. We must do something. We must donate money, we must help at outreach centres, we must write to MPs to encourage them to do something too, we must attend rallies. We must do. Doing makes us feel useful.

And yet we are human beings. We excel at being, not doing. Spending a few minutes each day to raise our vibration to one of love, being that vibration, and then sending that vibration out to the people and the countries who need to be bathed in higher vibrational energy and emotions, that's how we can help.

If you would like to help the people of Afghanistan by fulfilling your essence of a human being rather than a human doing, I have an invitation for you. Via this page you shall acquire access to a meditation which will guide you in sending out the vibration of love to wherever you feel it is needed. You can receive this meditation for free or you can offer a donation as an energy exchange. All proceeds raised through this meditation shall be passed on to support the people of Afghanistan.

Viv xx