live 1-1 oracle card reading

wait! stop!! hold up!!!

Before you go ahead and plan your live 1-1 reading, there are a couple of pointers I wish to share with you so we're on the same page and you receive the best possible reading.

Please read through these carefully.

zero distractions

If you have children or a family pet, please ensure you book a time when neither are around or can get to you to distract you. This is you-time. Honour that. Should a child or pet enter the same space bringing additional energy, energy I find chaotic, distracting, or negatively influences the reading, I shall end the reading.

open energy, open heart

What I mean by that is please come to the reading with an open mind and attitude, and without expectations. If you are not open during a reading, you put up an impenetrable wall and that, for both of us, will be deeply uncomfortable and disappointing. If I am struggling to draw guidance in your reading because you are guarded and have put up a wall. I shall end the reading.

be prepared to receive guidance

You're booking this reading because you're seeking guidance in a specific area in your life so this may seem like a meaningless request. However, you'd be surprised the number of people who book a reading, seek guidance, yet aren't open and ready to receive that guidance. All I can say is, openly receive whatever guidance you receive and be willing to act on it. If you do not take action, you cannot expect things to change for the better.

a fortune-teller, i am not

I shall pass on guidance in relation to a specific area in your life, however I can not and will not predict the future for you.

nor am i a mind-reader

This reading is designed to benefit you, to provide insights into an area of your life, to help you move forward. If you show up and are not willing to take part in the reading, are not willing to answer any questions I may pose, are not open to talk or share, are only willing to offer one-word replies like 'yes' and 'no', or simply want to test my abilities, the only person who will lose out is you. If I feel you are not being co-operative to the detriment of the reading, I shall end the reading.

I appreciate the above guidelines and pointers may seem a little harsh and even melodramatic, especially if you are someone who is eager to accept guidance in an area of your life (if that's you, then none of the above applies). Sadly, these guidelines and pointers have been birthed from behaviour I have tolerated during readings in the past. I have since done a lot of personal healing and, as a result, have drawn a line in the sand. I am really gifted at what I do. If I feel my (and your) time is being wasted, or that my abilities are being disrespected, I shall call you out on that and end the reading. In such cases no refund shall be offered and the reading cannot be re-scheduled.

Here's the thing... I simply love to provide guidance through connecting in to the angels and the Universe through my oracle cards. What I have is a gift and a skill, one I lovingly share with those who seek support and help. When I enjoy a reading, you'll enjoy the reading. Not only that, you'll benefit so much from receiving so much insight and guidance as a result because our energies are open and in flow.


Now... with all that said. Now you know how to get the very most and best out of your reading, let's move on to planning your reading.