live 1-1 oracle card reading - planning

let's plan your live oracle card reading

Before you jump to complete the form below, let me share with you what will happen next after you complete both the form and the energy exchange.

Once I receive both, I shall (within 24hours) drop you an email suggesting a time for your card reading based on what you share in the form below. Please, keep your eyes open for an email from [email protected]. Perhaps even whitemark that email address. If you hear nothing from me, please check your spam/junk folder incase my email's got caught there. And if you still hear nothing after 24hours, please contact me directly at [email protected] as something has gone wrong in cyberworld.

Once you agree the date/time I have suggested, please immediately mark it in your diary/calendar/scheduler with all relevant information I provide about the reading, so you don't forget. If you forget to show up for a reading, you may not reimbursed (fully or partially).

Important: As your session is an allocated 30-minute timeslot and I want you to get the best possible experience, please ensure you show up on time. However, please don't be too keen and show up early as I may be on a call with another client (that would be awkward!)

before your session

To make the most of your live 1-1 card reading, before your session, please think about one area in your life on which you would like advice and guidance. This can by any area of your choosing eg health, relationships, career, new home...

Additionally, I appreciate that life happens and sometimes calls need to be re-scheduled or cancelled. I would therefore invite you to read my Cancellation Policy so you are not met with any surprises.

during your session

I encourage you to be interactive during your session, to share and to talk. That way I can better tune into your life and whatever you may be struggling with. Please do not think that interaction on our call means you'll 'give too much away' and I'll use that to my advantage. That's not how oracle cards work. You shall receive better guidance if you are open, rather than sitting tight-lipped and closed.

Your information

Please now complete all fields in the form below.

Note: All times are listed in Central European Summer Time (CEST). To convert from your timezone, please refer to this timebuddy calculator.

live 1-1 reading
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