love, love me do

Do you know what the most popular topics are for my clients when it comes to asking advice from angel and oracle cards?

The first one is money (or wealth or success… they all fall under the same umbrella)

And the second one is love (mostly romantic love)

And do you know what both topics have in common for my clients?

It’s the desire to have more of whichever one they’re seeking.

When we want more of something there’s a very important part of the jigsaw that needs to be present… and that’s energy and vibration.

You see, everything is energy (that’s not just me suggesting that - one of the world’s greatest ever physicists, Albert Einstein determined this… and, I think we can agree, he was a pretty smart guy)

When me (or Einstein) states that “everything is energy”, what do we mean? Well, it’s one of those quotes which basically ‘does what it says on the tin’. What it states, it means. It’s not nodding at something, it’s not inviting you to read between the lines. It’s pretty black and white – everything is energy.

Where our heads tend to implode is when we take this seemingly simple and straightforward statement and really consider it, really ponder on it, really appreciate the magnitude of it. Have you ever looked up to the stars in the sky and let your mind drift and meander around thoughts about how humongous the sky above, the universe, the solar system and all the stars and planets really is? You know that feeling where your brain just hurts and can simply no longer comprehend the complexity and vastness of what’s up above there? “Everything is energy” can have the same effect.

When you think about the statement, “everything is energy”, you’re not just agreeing that there are commonly accepted 5 forms of energy (electrical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, nuclear), you’re accepting that every single thing is energy.

That means getting your head around the fact that, whilst you may look and feel solid, you’re actually billions upon billions of little sparks of constantly vibrating energy. Same goes for all inanimate objects like your coffee table, your bed, the floors and furniture in your home. Everything is made up of teeny tiny particles of energy.

Going further, because “everything is energy”, the food you eat is energy. That’s commonly accepted. We often refer to food as fuel for our bodies – it gives us energy to keep going every day. However, what about how you feel, your emotions? What about the words you speak? What about the thoughts you think? What about the actions and choices you take and make? They’re all energy.

And the thing about energy is that energy impacts energy. In other words, your emotions, your thoughts, your words, your actions, your choices… they will all impact yourself and how high (or low) your personal energy is vibrating. And they’ll also create a ripple effect impact others (people, animals, things) around you.

Has your brain imploded yet? Don’t be upset with yourself if it has… it’s a fairly common reaction.

At the start of this post, I mentioned that when clients come to me asking advice and guidance in relation to either money or love, they tend to be seeking advice and guidance on how they can attract more of it. And an important piece of the jigsaw is energy and vibration.

Where “everything is energy”, you’ve also got “like attracts like”. That means that if you want to attract more of something into your life, you need to position yourself on the same vibration as that which you wish to attract.

The thing that is wondrous about the Universe is that it wants to give you what you want. It’s not some punishing parent trying to teach you a lesson. The Universe genuinely wants to give you exactly what you’re asking for.

That means that if you’re walking around complaining that you don’t have enough money, the Universe will help you out by giving you more reasons to walk around complaining that you don’t have enough money (after all, like attracts like). And if you’re constantly ruminating why you’re not good enough for love, the Universe will help you understand by giving you example after example of why you’re not good enough for love.

Everything we think, say, do, feel is sending out a message to the Universe who, so lovingly, supports you in proving what you’re thinking, saying, doing, feeling. And if those thoughts, words, actions, emotions are of a low vibration, what kind of things do you think you’ll attract and the Universe will send you? Things of a similar vibration.

It’s all very simple and yet all very complicated at the same time.

So how do you attract more “X” into your life?

How do you wrap your head around something that, on the surface is simple, and yet in practice is so very complicated?

I tend to find that the angels offer the best and most practical advice in such situations. And, so, focusing on one of the most sought-after pieces of advice I receive from my clients, I asked them…

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Viv xx