the spiritual tool shining a light in a darkened world

History tends to repeat itself because there are always more lessons for us to learn from it, should, of course, we choose to.

The best way, it seems, for many of us to learn, to grow, to change is to work through challenging and dark times, to seek out the light that will carry us through and change our outlook, modify our thinking, update our beliefs.

So, there are times dotted throughout history, just like these recent years, where darkness seems to penetrate and almost wipe out the light.

What we have gone through in recent years (and continue to go through) has been described by many as ‘unprecedented’. And I both agree but also disagree. Yes, it has (most likely, depending on your age and memory) been unprecedented for many of us during our lifetime. But it’s not unprecedented in terms of history, as a whole.

This isn’t the first time a virus has taken hold and ground the world to a halt, killing millions. This isn’t the first time that natural disasters have unexpectedly devastated areas of the world and killed many. This isn’t the first time that our choices and decisions have brought destruction and damage to fragile areas of the earth. This isn’t the first time that one leader has taken an umbrage against another and begun a war.

Nor will it be the last.

Whilst many have plundered through the recent darkness, seeing only the darkness and therefore remaining unchanged or, if they have changed it’s won’t have been for the better, many others have sought out the light and the lessons that are shining so brightly in the darkness and have changed, for the better.

Like with every other dark period in history, there has been an invitation to change, an invitation to seek out a new light. And in the current period of darkness, that invitation appears to have been one of spirituality.

You cannot fully embrace and encompass the light if you do not also experience the dark. It’s all about balance. Without darkness, we do not know how or why to change. And the darkness in this current period of history seems to be opening a door to an enlightened and spiritual awakening. As Los Angeles-based witch and author, Gabriela Herstik, has stated, "There's just been a boom of self-exploration and spirituality, as people want to find modalities to help them through these weird times and darkness."

I wonder, have you got caught up in the boom or have you remained shadowed and cloaked by the darkness?

Throughout the world there has been a surge in the desire to learn and use spiritual and divination tools, to gain better insight and develop a greater awakened presence. Tools such as crystals, astrology, mindfulness, gong baths, breathwork, forest bathing, even spiritual moon baths have all seen an uptake in popularity.

It seems the current spate of darkness has spurred us onto a more spiritual and enlightened path.

And there is one tool that seems to have taken on a life of its own, a tool that has been in such high demand that the spiritual marketplace seems almost awash with all different versions of it.

And that tool is the beautiful divination modality, oracle cards.

Oracle cards are the ideal tool, I believe, for self-exploration, for guidance on how best to seek out the light in the darkness, be it internal or external. And what makes them really special is that they are incredibly flexible.

What do I mean by being flexible?

Well, you can use them to explore a variety of different avenues and you can use them in a variety of different ways.

Let’s consider the latter option, using them in a variety of different ways.

What I mean by that is that everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone, can benefit from receiving guidance through oracle cards.

And the most amazing thing is, you don’t have to be a card-reader to benefit from them or receive the guidance they hold for you. Indeed, most people who read cards actually find that the most challenging person to read for is themselves because, more often than not, we’re just too close, too connected, too involved in the situation we’re seeking guidance on to be able to fully receive that guidance unbiasedly.

However, if you don’t read cards for yourself, then how do you retrieve the message they hold for you?

Well, if you do have an oracle deck you can simply shuffle the cards, choose one (or as many as you feel drawn to), and read the guidebook. That’s certainly one option, though I don’t believe it to be the best.

Whilst you’ll receive some valuable guidance and tidbits through reading the guidebook, you’ve got to remember that the guidebook was written by one person (the deck’s creator and visionary) with an idea of what each card should mean. That kind of limits the guidance you can retrieve.

As well as that, the person writing the guidance linked to each card in your deck will have done so from a very general, high-level perspective. It’s simply impossible for a guidebook to give specific individual guidance. In order to make the general guidance personal, you need to be able to read between the lines, and understand it in the context you are asking it… that’s not always easy.

So, if you’re not a card-reader what better options are open to you?

Well, probably the most obvious and easiest is to have someone who knows how to read cards and, preferably, can read them intuitively (in other words, not dear old Aunt Ginny who recently and quite weirdly acquired a deck, and has never read or had any inclination to read cards in her life).

If you want a reading that is personal, relevant, and meaningful to you by someone who knows how to read cards intuitively without using the guidebook, then that tends to require some form of energy exchange – the person gives you the reading so you need to keep the scales of energy in balance and give them something in return (usually money).

You might think it strange to mention this, however, I cannot count the number of people who have crossed my path expecting a reading without offering payment. The world doesn’t work that way, nor should it. Respect those who have a gift or developed a skill, and have invested time (and probably money) learning how to enhance and use it for the betterment and benefit of others like yourself.

The second option is invest time and money in yourself to learn how to read oracle cards. Every single person can intuitively read oracle cards. There’s nothing magic or special about people who read oracle cards. They’re not some gifted modern-day witch with unique superpowers. It simply boils down to whether you wish to invest time and money in yourself to learn how to read intuitively or whether you would prefer to invest time and money in someone else to read cards for you.

The third and final option is to buy non-personal card readings. These can be readings created for each month, giving guidance and insight into how to make the most of the energy of that month, or readings based on specific questions. Although these readings aren’t personal, because they go into detail (much more detail than any guidebook will) you can gain a lot of guidance that should resonate with you at a fraction of the price of a personal reading.

But here’s the thing. Here’s the clincher. If you are not receiving guidance through oracle cards on a regular basis, your life may appear to be ticking along, however, you’re missing out on one of the most special, one of the most beautiful forms of spiritual guidance with which your life doesn’t just tick, it flows.

Regular oracle card readings don’t just assist you in making better choices in life, they inspire you to keep moving forward when things may seem challenging, they encourage you to look introspectively and turn to your own internal wisdom, they help you tap into your authentic self, and they remind you that you’re not journeying through this life on your own – you have an unseen team of positive energy supporting you and cheering you along the way, when you invite them to do so.

Oracle cards. Truly they are the gem of the divination world, the light of spiritual world which, thanks to the current challenges and overshadowing darkness of the current time, are bringing hope, light, endurance and strength to so many.

Are you one of that many?


Let me share all those helpful links again so oracle cards can help your life flow and flourish (simply click on the picture that resonates with you):

Viv xx