don't try to fit in

As I was coming to the end of sharing my post last week about taking the time this new year to fall back in love with yourself, I wrote the the following message:
"You're not meant to fit in, lovely soul, you're meant to stand out"

And it felt like such a special message that I thought I'd return to it this week.

Through messages we hear, see and read every day touching on how we should look, how we should dress, what we should do or be, there is the tendency and temptation to fall into the trappings of comparisonitis: comparing ourselves to others and then seeing what we should change about ourselves in order to conform, blend-in or 'meet the standard'.

But here's the thing.

When you conform and blend-in it's impossible for you to stand out. And it's only by standing out that you can be truly amazing.

It's only by standing out that you can make a positive impact on this world.

It's only by standing out that you can truly shine and be the unique and beautiful person that you are.

But standing out takes strength and courage because not everyone will like your sparkle or follow your dream. But, here's the thing... some people will.

And those are the people you want around you.

People who will appreciate your uniqueness and be inspired by it.

People who will buoy you up when you're feeling challenged.

Doesn't standing out sound much more exciting than fitting in?

So, stand out, lovely soul, because you're too special to just 'fit in'.

Viv xx