work with me - walk your soul path

Hello lovely soul! And welcome.

I work with the angels and our spirit guides to support and guide lovely souls, like you, who seek to shine your light by living your soul purpose and walking your soul path.

When we walk our soul path we are bringing our unique energy and gifts to the world. We follow a life that has purpose and that lights us up. We make a difference.

Unfortunately, however, that doesn't always mean the path we follow will be easy-going, smooth and free from obstacles and challenges. We are spiritual beings enjoying a human experience but, as humans, we can be truly complex, creating realities that make life challenging.

You may already be walking your life path, fulfilling your soul purpose, and yet you have niggling doubts because your path isn't a 'bed of roses'. You face obstacles which may raise emotions of fear, you are presented with challenges that may raise doubts in your mind that you're even on the right path, you come across hurdles which you feel shouldn't be present in the path of someone who's following their soul purpose, hurdles such as lack of clients, lack of money, fear of visibility...

Or you may not, yet, be sure what your soul purpose is.

Whether your are already walking your soul's path or haven't yet found your soul purpose, the angels, your spirit team, and I are here to support and guide you along your path, round the obstacles, over the bumps and hurdles, and help iron out any challenges that arise along the way.

On this page you'll discover how you can work with the angels, your spirit team and me, in order to keep moving forward, shine your light brighter, and ease and overcome the challenges that arise as you walk your soul path. Together we shall create a better flow with the Universe so you can live your soul purpose with love, vitality and joy, attracting the abundance and fulfilment your energetic and spiritual team wish for you.

remote reading

A 15-minute recorded remote angel card reading giving advice and guidance on 1 pre-chosen question, related to any current challenge you are facing on your soul path that is blocking you moving forward.

This is the perfect way for you to get to know me, get a feel for how I interpret angel cards, how I work with the angels, and how the angels and your spirit team can guide you forward as you walk your soul path.

live 1-1 reading

A 30-minute live and free-flowing 1-1 angel card reading providing guidance and support on any question(s) related to your soul purpose and path, any blocks or challenges you may be facing.

This is the perfect opportunity for us to meet face-to-face and truly connect, energetically. Our short session ensures that any initial nerves you may have felt prior to our call are gently and lovingly washed away.

1-1 SPIRITUAL guidance

An in-depth personalised session where we deep-dive into any areas of your soul path where you need support, or where you need guidance in overcoming blocks standing in your way, and that are holding you back.

This is the perfect step to uplevelling your life with support and guidance from the angels and your spirit guides so you can walk your soul path with confidence, shine your light brightly, and overcome challenges you face along the way.