start monday with gratitude

10-day gratitude taster download

Do you want to download the 10-day Gratitude Taster so you can repeat it whenever you wish, whenever you feel the need to introduce a bit more gratitude into your life? Well, you can.

Simply click the button below and download it via Payhip.

Alternatively, if you wish to join the START MONDAY WITH GRATITUDE 2023 year-long experience (there's still time) AND receive this 10-day Gratitude Taster for free, then the button below is your button of choice.

Please note, to join is a 2-step process where your personal contact information is first collected followed by payment.

When you join START MONDAY WITH GRATITUDE 2023, throughout the year you shall receive*:

  • 52 inspirational quotes, musings and downloadable wallpapers based on each week's
  • 52 suggested motivational songs or tunes to carry you through each week
  • 7 gratitude exercises each and every week (for 52 weeks) based around that week's musings
  • over 10 gratitude-focused articles
  • access to the 10-day gratitude taster
  • 2 gratitude meditations
  • 1 1hr45min energy masterclass
  • optional access to a free FB group

*please note: access to all the above shall be gained gradually throughout the year and not immediately upon signup

**please note: instalment 1 due immediately. Instalment 2 due in one month.