start monday with gratitude

welcome, lovely soul...

... It's January 1st and time to begin this year together. It's time to START MONDAY WITH GRATITUDE.

The video below is your official welcome to this year's experience. However, also, within the video lies your first 'invitation', something I feel is really important for you to do before you even begin your START MONDAY WITH GRATITUDE practice; something, I feel, will be a keystone for this year.

So I recommend you watch the video and complete this first exercise before we kick things off on Monday.

what will we get up to together this year?

I know you have a bit of an idea of what we'll get up to, otherwise you wouldn't already be here. However, since you joined, I may have got myself a little bit excited at the propsect of the year ahead and added a little something into the plans.

Click the button below to access the video in which I'll share everything that is planned for the year to come and what you can expect.