top tips for your face

“You’re not just a pretty face”. My Dad would say that to me all the time when I was growing up. Has anyone ever said that to you?

Well today I’m here about more than just a pretty face, I’m here to touch on what it’s like to have a healthy face.

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The articles in the Beauty Box will give you tips on how to keep your skin healthy which I’m not going to repeat here. I just thought I’d pop in to give you some extra tips that I go by to ensure my face stays as healthy as possible.

Tip 1 - Don’t get too scrubby

There are a ton of facial exfoliators on the market but many of them are simply too scrubby for the sensitive skin on your face. Products containing salt or sugar granules will simply scratch and tear your skin and could leave with broken capillaries – you know those little red spider veins? Even products which contain crushed nut particles can damage your skin. Always choose an exfoliant that is gentle but does the job without causing damage. I swear by fruit seeds and that’s why I incorporate them in my facial scrubs.

Tip 2 – Watch the water temperature

When you’re washing your face, don’t use water that’s too hot (or too cold). You want to use a luke-warm to warm water to start so you feel your pores are opening (they don’t actually open, it just feels like they do). If your water is too hot you could encourage your skin to dry out (and that doesn’t just apply to your face). After you’ve washed your face, give it a splash of cold water – that always makes me feel better and makes it feel like my pores are closing again.

Tip 3 - Always wear suncream

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, get it on! Whilst the rays of summer that can burn your skin (UVB) are not as strong in other seasons, the other rays (UVA) that can cause skin damage and even cancer are just as strong and you need to love your skin and protect it every single day. And, if that’s not enough encouragement, did you know that 75% of wrinkles are caused by exposure to the sun? Yep. If you slap on the sunscreen you could literally slow down the signs of aging!

Tip 4 – Are you sitting down? This might shock you!

You don’t necessarily have to wash your face every single day. I know what you’re thinking: I create and sell skincare, you’d expect me to encourage you to wash every day so you buy products more often, right? Nah…. I’m all about honesty and I just want your skin to be as healthy as possible.

If you wash your face every day it can encourage your skin to become dry and taut. I tend to wash my face about once every second or even third day. In between I use pure oil-based serums to keep my skin hydrated and cleansed – yep – you read that write. I also use oils to cleanse my skin (read all about why you should use oil on your skin here). But, of course, if you work in the city and are exposed to a lot of pollutants, or if you wear a lot of makeup, you may want to wash your face every day to wash away the grime.

Here's to a happy healthy face, Beautiful

Viv xx