today was a tough day

Today I struggled with myself, with my business, with life.

And rather than hide away and pretend to everyone around me that life's going just fine, I decided to show up and be honest with myself and with you. Because we can't expect that every day will be great. Some days are challenging - that's just life.

There tends to be an unwritten rule in the world of entrepreneurship that you should only show up with a smile on your face, happy words to share, and positivity abound, every single day. But life just isn't like that. Some days are great and some days suck. You just have to make a bit more of an effort in getting through the sucky days.

And that's what I've been doing today.

Yesterday was a great day. I was celebrating big time.

But today's a different story. I'm not feeling so chirpy today because I woke up during the night panicking about money. Will I be able to pay the bills that I know are coming soon? If I do, will I have money left to live off or will I be back in survival mode? And in the darkness of the early morning hours, everything seemed a lot worse than it actually is.

And then this morning I wondered why this had happened. Why had I suddenly started to panic about money immediately after enjoying such a celebratory day? And a little voice in my head recited a phrase I remember from childhood: "If you laugh too much, you'll just end up crying".

You see my mind had taken that phrase, which has been planted deep, and was re-creating the outcome for me. I was celebrating too much over something that really meant a lot to me, and in the dead of night I woke in panic... the tears to my laughter.

And as a result of not sleeping I've been over-emotional, touchy, and struggling to see the positive in today. I've been struggling to keep my vibration high and struggling to see that tomorrow will be a better day.

But thankfully I have created for myself a great support network of fellow entrepreneurs who know that owning a business can be quite a frightening roller-coaster ride. So I have leaned on them for support. Because today has been a tough day and that's okay.

So why share this with you?

Well firstly, I guess, to show you I'm human. And that it's okay to be human and have tough days like this.

Secondly, I want to emphasise the power of having a support network you can turn to, a network of supportive souls who understand what you're going through because they've had tough days just like that too.

And finally to show that, although I work hard on keeping my vibration high everyday, I focus on a positive mindset, and I practise self-love daily... it doesn't mean that I'm protected, totally. I can and will still have tough days. But, you know what? When you're human with a great support network and tools in your self-love and positive-mindset arsenals, you know, deep down, that you can and will bounce back.

So it's okay to have a tough day today because I know, deep down, that tomorrow will be better.

Viv xx